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Wenjing Wang

Mr Wenjing Wang

Research student

Cardiff Business School


I am a PhD student in Economics, Professor Patrick Minford, Dr.David Meenagh and Dr. Vo Le are my supervisors.

After I graduated from Cardiff University (MSc International Economics Banking and Finance in 2017, Msc Economics in 2019, Mres Advance Economics in 2020), I have been a tutor for Macroeconomics,  Quantitative Method,  principle of money banking, presessional Mathematics since September 2018.

At this stage, my main research is Inequality and long-term economic growth in China.



DSGE model

Indirect Inference

long-term economic growth


Monetary Policy



Inequality and Long-term economic growth in China

The purpose of my thesis: (1) the effect of wealth inequality and economic growth  (2) the effect of tax redistribution policy on the inequality. 

A brief summary of my research: We apply the heterogenous-agent growth model to simulate the China economy using annual data from 1978 to 2019 due to data availability. Wealth and income inequality are quantified by the share of allocations to the affluent. This research methodology can be readily adapted to other countries.we employ the indirect inference (Id-If) methodology with Wald test to test the fitness between simulated data and actual data based on the VAR-X model.

Key Word: DSGE model, Indirect Inference, VAR



· 18/19- BST164 Quantitative Methods

· 18/19- BST262 Principles of Money and Banking

· 19/20- CARBS- pre-sessional Mathematics and Statistics

· 19/20- BST164 Quantitative Methods

· 19/20- BST262 Principles of Money and Banking

· 20/22- BST262 Principles of Money and Banking

· 22/23- BS2551 Money Banking and Finance



Patrick Minford

Patrick Minford

Professor of Applied Economics

David Meenagh

David Meenagh

Reader in Economics

Mai Le

Mai Le

Professor of Economics