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Jingxiang Wu

Mr Jingxiang Wu

Research student

School of Dentistry

University Dental Hospital, Room 05.F5, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4XY


I obtained my BDS in Dental Medicine in Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University in China and my MSc in Dental Implantology at Cardiff University.  I am currently a PhD student with the Advanced Therapies Group, supervised by Professor David Thomas and Dr Katja Hill.  My PhD is funded by China Scholarship Council as well as Qbiotics Ltd, Queensland, Australia.



My research revolves around antibiotic resistance and the characterisation of epoxy-tiglianes as potential novel treatment for antibiotic resistant bacteria.

In my current project, we are evolving mcr-1 or mcr-3 carrying E.coli (mcr, Mobile Colistin Resistance ) in a prolonged biofilm bead model to see the stability of these plasmid carried colistin resistance genes, and at the same time, to observe the potential changes that might occur to cells after the genes are lost. In this project, qPCR, growth curves, MIC assay, MBEC assay, gene sequencing and many other techniques will be involved. We are currently collaborating with Swansea University and Oxford University on this project.