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Bruna Chezzi

Dr Bruna Chezzi

Teacher in Italian

66a Park Place, Room 1.30, Cathays, Cardiff, CF10 3AS
Media commentator


I have been a university teacher for 13 years, during which time I have gained considerable experience in devising and delivering language and cultural courses for both undergraduate and adult learners. My greatest reward is that over my teaching career, I have been able to help many students achieving their goals and becoming confident independent learners.



I graduated from Parma University, Italy, with a thesis on the representation of the Welsh Coalfield Societies in Anglo-Welsh working class literature. I joined the University in September 2001 to teach Italian as a Foreign Language Assistant and study for an MA in Literature in European Culture. After obtaining my Master of Arts, in 2004, I joined the University the Centre for Lifelong Learning where I have been teaching Italian language and devised cultural courses in Italian and English for adult students and all levels.

Between 2008 and 2012, I became very active within the Italian community in Wales , and was involved in the the creation of the First National Memorial of the Arandora Star in Wales, and the recording of Welsh-Italian memories of WW2.

In 2013, I obtained a PhD from the School with a thesis on the Cultural Representations of Italians in Wales,1920s-2010s.

Over the recent years, I have given a number of talks and lectures on the subjects of Italians in South Wales and Italians in the UK during WWII, as well as being a guest to several radio programmes and collaborating extensively with the media. In my spare time, I am also developing a website on Italians in Wales which features original contributions from Welsh-Italian authors and pages of memories and photographs.

Currently, I work in the School in the capacity of part-time University Teacher and Language Tutor for the Languages for All programme. I enjoy all aspects of teaching, and always try to make the learning process as enjoyable and stimulating as possible. In 2013, I obtained the Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

My academic interests include:

  • Anglo-Welsh working class literature and the coalfield societies
  • The Italian community in Wales and its cultural representations
  • Immigrant literature, particularly Welsh-Italian narrative
  • Memories of WW2 within the Italian community in Wales, particularly in relation to the tragedy of the Arandora Star
  • Photography and cultural memory
  • The return migration to Italy and its literature
  • Ethnic minorities in Wales: comparative perspectives