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Ivo Colmonero Marques Costeira

Ivo Colmonero Marques Costeira

PhD Candidate

School of Biosciences


I am interested in how humans have been shaping the genetic dynamics of non-human primate populations. Particularly, I have been investigating how the socio-cultural importance of non-primate species changed throughout history and it's link to current population structure, genetic diversity and past fluctuations of effective population size. My work requires the combined use of of genetic/genomic and ethnographic tools, and is mostly focused on West African guenons (tribe Cercopithecini).

Examples of the research questions I am focusing on:

  • What the main conservation threats to guenons?
  • What is the socio-cultural importance of guenons and how are they perceived in shared landscapes?
  • Are historical human events the best predictors for the colonisation timing of insular populations of West African guenons?
  • Can population genetics/genomics inform non-human primate conservation policies?



I am a PhD student based at the School of Biosciences, OnE Division, and a collaborator with the Centre for Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, Portugal, and Researh Centre for Antrhopology and Health, Portugal, and more recently the IEG, Uppsala University, Sweden.


I hold a MSc in Ecology and a BSc in Applied Biology from Minho University, Braga, Portugal.



Professional memberships

  • Portuguese Primatological Association (treasurer)


  • Primatology