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Robert Ellis

Dr Robert Ellis



As well as teaching part-time courses for adults at the University I am currently also employed by the Older People's Commission for Wales, in Cardiff.


I grew up in Cardiff and have moved back to the Welsh capital in 2009 after spending the 12 years living and working in the United States.

I spent a number of years travelling around the world, but after taking part in a student exchange programme in 1995, organised between the Universities of Nottingham and Wyoming, I fell in love with "Big Sky" country. After completing completing my Bachelors degree at the University of Nottingham I returned to Laramie, Wyoming in 1997 to begin work on my Masters degree.

I graduated with an M.A. in American Studies in 1999 and shortly after moved to Iowa where I took a part-time position teaching Cultural History to adult learners at St. Ambrose University in the Mississippi River town of Davenport.

I worked at St. Ambrose University for seven years and balanced my teaching with research for a Ph.D. (part-time) from the University of Nottingham in 2000. I was awarded a Ph.D. in American Studies (with a focus on visual culture/art history/social history) in 2007.

After a brief stint in New York City, I moved back to Cardiff at the beginning of 2009.

My interests are wide ranging and include everything from painting, photography, and writing, to cycling, yoga, and rugby.