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Gemma Hackman

Mrs Gemma Hackman

Learning Technology Assistant


Role responsibilities

I work as a Learning Technology Assistant within the Digital Education Team. My day to day work is very varied as I mainly work within the support hub. The support hub provides guidance on how to use the huge range of software and hardware used around the university. I'm also involved in long term projects, I'm currently working on rollout of Blackboard Ultra.

Key work/Specialties

  • Solving issues that arise in relation to teaching and learning in a digital workplace.
  • Advise how to use the digital tools most effectively.


I joined Cardiff University at the start of 2022, it was a steep learning curve but there was a great team to welcome me! Moving into digital education, in a support capacity, seemed the perfect blend of my background.

Before joining university I had had two main careers, the first with SA Brain. I worked a variety of roles for Brains, including running pubs and restaurants before moving into IT. I worked within the first and second line of support from all aspects of IT for the company. I even presented the first webinar for the business! I later moved into education, working as a Technician and Supply Supervisor for Wyedean school and sixth form. This was busy work and I was under pressure, but it was thrilling!