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Nicola Hooper

Mrs Nicola Hooper

Deputy Director, MA International Public Relations and Global Communications Management

School of Journalism, Media and Culture


Nicola is a corporate PR specialist with 17 years of experience working in the PR industry around the world. She now teaches across a range of modules on the International PR and Global Communications Management MA - helping students apply theory to real life scencarios, introducing other industry specialists as guest speakers and case studies along the way.


Nicola teaches on the post graduate MA International PR and Global COmmunications Management. She is module leader of the Professional Practice course - outlining real life PR skills and encouraging students to practice these skills. She is an Investor Relations specialist, with significant experience in media tranining and crisis communications.

Nicola also teaches on the Research Methods module, helping students work towards their dissertations, and also explaining how research is applied in the context of strategic PR campaigns and within the media.