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Kirsty Hudson

Dr Kirsty Hudson


School of Social Sciences

Available for postgraduate supervision


I am currently a Reader in Criminology in the Cardiff School of Social Sciences where I teach on a number of modules looking at the role of the criminal justice system, and the key contexts that shape our understanding of sexual violence.

My research generally focusses on real interventions that impact on the extent of control, management, surveillance and punishment received by perpetrators, as well as the level and nature of support offered to victims.

I am particularly interested in sexual violence prevention. My research aims to challenge pre-conceived notions about what constitutes as sexual violence, who the perpetrators are, who tends to be affected, and why it occurs. I have done this by analysing offenders’ perspectives and the impact of stereotyped identities on current criminal justice approaches to manage, control and treat convicted sex offenders. My research has also focused on schemes designed to prevent sexual violence before it is perpetrated, and practices and policies available to provide support and advocacy to victims of sexual violence.

I also have a strong interest in the future behaviour of the individual perpetrator and what works in supporting desistance, not only in the field of sexual violence, but offending more broadly.

My research generally includes a strong policy focus, contributing to evidence about effectiveness but importantly building on a variety of theoretical justifications, or moral arguments, to justify what we ought to do to perpetrators.

















My research interests include:

  • Sexual offending and sex offenders
  • Sexual violence prevention
  • Desistance

I am experienced in collecting both qualitative and quantitative data from a range of sources.

I have been fortunate to work alongside policy makers and practitioners. Many of the projects that I have been involved with have looked at organisational issues relating to the implementation of a new initiative, in order to identify both effective and ineffective practice and any obstacles to successful implementation. The aim being to identify those methods and strategies found to 'work best' to ensure that lessons can be learnt and other strategies can avoid recurrent problems or ameliorate their impact more successfully.


Over the years I have acquired extensive teaching and curriculum design experience. My experience covers all aspects of teaching, including the development of new modules, delivering lectures to both large and small cohorts, group tutorials, individual supervisions and workshops, at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Importantly, my teaching is informed by my experience as an active researcher.


I joined the Cardiff School of Social Science in 2006. Prior to that, I was employed as a researcher for Her Majesty's Prison Service in the South West of England.

Professional memberships

  • British Society of Criminology
  • European Society of Criminology (organising committee for the 2017 annual conference)
  • Associate Member of Cardiff University’s Crime & Security URI, Universities’ Police Science Institute (UPSI), Cardiff Centre for Crime Law & Justice (CCLJ)

Committees and reviewing

I am the Criminology Teaching Lead. Working with the Director of Teaching and Learning, my role is to oversee and co-ordinate the efficient organisation and management of all criminology teaching; to liaise with module convenors and teaching staff for feedback on the criminology teaching programme and their contributions.

I am also a member of the Schools Ethics Committee.


I welcome PhD applicants to work on topics related to:

  • Sexual violence
  • Risk identification, assessment and management
  • Multi-agency approaches to crime and disorder
  • The criminal justice system

External profiles