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Natalie Hughes

Mrs Natalie Hughes

Curriculum Design Officer


Role responsibilities

I am responsible for supporting academic staff with curriculum design support in the areas of assessment and feedback. This involves working in the areas listed below and to work with students to ensure that they are a part of the assessment process from beginning to end

Key work/specialisms

  • To plan, lead and deliver a number of the planned CPD events on assessment and feedback
  • To contribute to and support the development of the Rethinking Assessment agenda, taking the lead responsibility for a number of the programme’s identified work-packages.
  • To take a major role in the evaluation of enhancements being made to assessment, focusing particularly on work with students to identify and measure the impact of these enhancements
  • To contribute to the further development of the Educational Development Team, including in areas such as Personal Tutor support, programme (re)development, and other priorities as they emerge.


Hi I’m Natalie Hughes, Curriculum Design Officer for Assessment in the Learning and Teaching Academy. I have worked in Higher Education for over 25 years with my previous role being that of a Lecturer in Modern History, Linguistics and other areas such as Personal Development Planning and Reflective Practice. I have also taught modules on Coaching and Mentoring and Study Skills. In my previous position I was a Senior Personal Tutor in a Unit based in an academic school, a position I had for over 10 years. My current role involves working with schools to offer support in terms of assessment and feedback and this can involve running CPD courses in various areas such as Improving Feedback, looking at Authentic assessment methods and other topics such using Rubrics effectively. I am part of the University’s Rethinking Assessment agenda and co-ordinate the activities of the Rethinking Assessment Steering Group and the sub-group on E-portfolios.  I consider that as assessment is an integral part of any learning journey, my role is to ensure that assessment and feedback is incorporated fairly into all academic programmes and working with students, we ensure that their voice is listened to in all areas.