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Sheree Jones

Miss Sheree Jones

Manager, Disclosure Response Team

Centre for Student Life, Park Place, Cathays, Cardiff, CF10 3BB


I am the manager of the University's Disclosure Response Team. Our team sits within the Health and Wellbeing Division of Student Life Services, and supports students who have experienced any form of violence, abuse or other unacceptable behaviour.  


Before my role at the University I worked for the National Probation Service; meeting and supporting victims and survivors impacted by the most serious violent and sexual offences, advocating on their behalf and feeding into risk management plans for high risk offenders.

I also have experience of facilitating Referral Order Panels for the Youth Justice Service, which involves using a restorative process to negotiate and agree a young person's referral order and can include the attendance, or other participation, by the person/s affected by the young person's behaviour and actions.

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