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Mr Maksymilian Karczmar

Student Engagement Officer


Role responsibilities

In my role as Student Engagement Officer, I coordinate and support student engagement activities across the University by working in partnership with students and staff and making sure someone listens to and acts on student feedback to strengthen and improve the student educational experience.

Key work/Specialties

  • Lead the establishment of institutional student surveys (e.g., NSS, PTES, PRES), including creating and uploading eligible student lists as well as sharing and analyzing the results. I am the key university liaison for the National Student Survey (NSS).
  • Provide training to staff on different aspects of Student Engagement, such as how to actively engage with students, run focus groups, create and promote student surveys or create a student journey timeline
  • Working directly with academic schools on local and purposeful approaches to Student Voice
  • Lead the administration, support and training of the new Module Improvement System


I began my working relationship with UK Higher Education in 2015 when, after graduating as a mature student with a BA (Hons) in Media, Culture and Journalism, I started a 12-month data analytics internship in the Vice-Chancellor's Office at the University of South Wales. After completing my internship, I decided to pursue my passion for improving the student experience in Higher Education and have joined the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University as an Administrative Officer. In 2017, I joined the Student Engagement Team as a Student Engagement Officer, which is my current role.