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Angela Sobiesierski

Dr Angela Sobiesierski

ICS Cleanroom Operations Director

School of Physics and Astronomy










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My research area of interest is Condensed Matter Physics. My Ph.D. work focused on electron transport across semiconductor hetero-junctions and metal-semiconductor Schottky barriers utilising novel semiconductor structures to modify and control the size of the electrical barriers at the semiconductor interfaces.

Since then I have worked as a post-doctoral research associate on several different research projects including SiC for high power devices and the application of multi-quantum-barriers to reduce electron leakage in red-emitting laser diodes.

More recently my research has focussed on the development of new or novel processing techniques for the fabrication of advanced optoelectronic devices, for example, segmented contact dry-etched ridge lasers, ridge lasers incorporating DBR gratings and the integration of optoelectronic devices and microstructures for capillary-driven micro-fluidic flow analysis.


I obtained my B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Physics (joint honours) from Exeter University in 1991.

Following this I was employed by Rolls Royce (Bristol) as a Stress Engineer until 1993 when I commenced my Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics at Cardiff University under the supervision of Professor Robin Williams FRS.

I obtained my Ph.D. in 1997, worked briefly for DERA Farnborough before returning to university life as a post-doctoral research associate, initially at Swansea University (1997 – 2000) and most recently (2000 onwards) at Cardiff University.

In September 2012 I became Manager of the Cleanroom facility shared between Physics and Engineering.