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Michael Levi

Professor Michael Levi


School of Social Sciences

Available for postgraduate supervision


I have an international reputation for excellence in both fundamental and policy-oriented research on money laundering, corruption, cybercrimes, fraud, transnational organised crime and white-collar crimes.  This is reflected in recent major lifetime achievement awards from the British and American Societies of Criminology, the Tackling Economic Crime Award, and the Al Thani Rule of Law Committee/UNODC Corruption Research and Education prize.

I have played an advisory role both internationally (with the European Commission and Parliament, Europol, Council of Europe, UN and World Economic Forum) and nationally (with the UK Home Office and Cabinet Office, and with the Crime Statistics Advisory Committee).















  • Levi, M. and Williams, M. L. 2011. Mapping cybercrime and its control. Presented at: eCrime Reduction Partnership Business/Government Roundtable, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, London, UK, 2011.























Book sections





Current and Recent Research:

2021-22     A Public Health Approach to Fraud (West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner)

2021-22   Fraud and its relationship to Pandemics and Economic Crises from 1850 to the Present (British Academy)

2020-23   Digital Security by Design Futures Social Sciences Hub+, (Challenge Research Fellow and Co-investigator, UK Research and Innovation)

 2021-22      Joint Intelligence Programme Evaluation (Co-Investigator, HM Prison & Probation Service)

2019-20    How online technologies are transforming transnational organised crime, (Economic and Social Research Council, Principal Investigator)

 2018-9    Evaluating Criminal Transactional Methods in Cyberspace as understood in an International Context, (Home Office, co-Investigator with Flinders and Georgia State Universities)

2018-20  Case by Case: Building a Database on Cybercriminal Business Models, (Home Office, co-Investigator with Oxford, VU Amsterdam, NSCR Amsterdam, and Michigan State)

2016- Detecting and Preventing Mass-Marketing Fraud, EPSRC (Co-I, with Leicester, UCL and Warwick)

2016- Economic Crime Learning Centre, College of Policing (co-I, with City of London Police, Portsmouth and Warwick)

2016- Demystifying the Corruption Paradox by Exploring Bribery ‘at Home’, British Academy/ Leverhulme Small Grant (coI, with Manchester, Utrecht)

2015 Cyber-Related Economic Crime and Implications for Policing Approaches (PI, City of London Corporation)

2013- What Works Centre for Crime Reduction (ESRC/ College of Policing)

2013 The Economic, Financial & Social Impacts of Organised Crime in the European Union (European Parliament)

2013- Identifying and Modelling Victim, Business, Regulatory and Malware Behaviours in a Changing Cyberthreat Landscape (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)

2013- Corporate Insider Threat Detection (Oxford, Leicester and Cardiff University joint project, Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure)

2011-3 Evaluating Country Performance in Anti-Money Laundering: the Search for Rationality and Legitimacy (American Bar Foundation and British Academy, in collaboration with IMF)

2012      The Protection of Whistleblowers: the feasibility of a legal instrument on the protection of employees who make disclosures in the public interest (Stephenson, P. and Levi, M.) (European Committee on Legal Co-operation, Council of Europe)

2011-2 eCrime Reduction Partnership Mapping Study (Nominet Trust)

Professor Michael Levi takes 30 seconds out to talk to SOCSI TV about his research activity. Watch the video here.


Criminology and Policing at undergraduate and postgraduate level


Career Overview

  • 1991-          Professor of Criminology, Cardiff University;
  • 1989-1991: Reader in Criminology, University of Wales, Cardiff;
  • 1987-1989: Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University College, Cardiff;
  • 1975-1987: Lecturer in Criminology, University College Cardiff.

Education and Qualifications

2007 DSc (Econ.) Cardiff University (Higher Doctorate)

1979 PhD Southampton University

1972 Diploma in Criminology Cambridge University

1971 BA Oxford University

Honours and awards

  • Al Thani Rule of Law & Anti-Corruption Center Award for Corruption Research and Education 2020 
  • American Society of Criminology 2019, Gilbert Geis Lifetime Achievement Award, Division of White-Collar & Corporate Crime, .
  • British Society of Criminology 2019, Outstanding Achievement Award, 
  • Tackling Economic Crime Awards 2019,  Lifetime Achievement Award, .
  • American Society of Criminology Sellin-Glueck Award 2014 for contributions to comparative and international research on white-collar and organised crime
  • International Association for the Study of Organized Crime (IASOC) 2013 Distinguished Scholar Award
  • American Society of Criminology 2001, Distinguished Research Award, Division of International Criminology
  • ESRC Professorial Fellowship 2007-2010
  • 2007 D.Sc. (Econ.) Cardiff University

Professional memberships

Learned Societies

  • Elected Fellow of Learned Society of Wales
  • Elected Fellow of Association for Learned Societies in Social Sciences (2006-)
  • Member of Executive Committee and Council, British Society of Criminology 1990-2005
  • Member, Council of Europe Criminological and Scientific Council
  • Chair Wales & the West branch, British Society of Criminology (1995-2005; co-chair 2014-present)
  • Elected to Board of European Society of Criminology 2006-8; 2016--7
  • Programme Planning Committee, American Society of Criminology 2006-7
  • Fellows Committee, American Society of Criminology, 2006-7

Other "Evidence of Esteem":

  • 2015-  Member, UK Cabinet Office Counter-Fraud Cross Sector Advisory Board

  • 2015-  Committee Member, European Criminal Law Association – ECLA (UK)

  • 2015  Member, Center for Global Development Working Group on Illicit Money Flows.

  • 2014-   Advisory Group Member, Internet-Facilitated Organised Crime Threat Assessment, EC3, Europol

  • 2014-   Member, RCUK's Partnership in Conflict, Crime & Security Research Strategic Advisory Group

  • 2014    Honorary Fellow, CIPFA
  • 2014    Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute (currently Senior Associate Fellow at RUSI)
  • 2013    Senior Research Fellow, RAND Europe

  • 2013     Scientific Expert, Ad hoc Drafting Group on Transnational Organised Crime (PC-GR-COT), Council of Europe

  • 2013-4 Member, US National Academy of Sciences Committee, Illicit Tobacco Market: Collection and Analysis of the International Experience

  • 2012- President, US National White-Collar Crime Research Consortium

  • 2011- Member, Group of Experts on Corruption, European Commission
  • 2011- Non-executive member, Independent Crime Statistics Advisory Committee, UK Statistics Authority and ONS
  • 2011- Advisory Board, Transparency International National Integrity Study
  • 2011-  Member, Economics and Resource Analysis Unit Advisory Panel on Security and Civil Liberties, Home Office
  • 2010- Member, Organised Crime Council, World Economic Forum
  • 2010- Member, Peer Review College, Economic and Social Research Council
  • 2010- Advisor, Identity Crime Strategic Threat Assessment, National Fraud Authority
  • 2009- Member, Economics and Resource Analysis Unit Advisory Panel on Crime and Policing, Home Office
  • 2009- Member, Expert Group for Review of Serious Organised Crime, Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, UK
  • 2009- Advisory Panel, Audit Commission review of Protecting the Public Purse
  • 2008-2010 Advisory Panel, UK Drug Policy Commission
  • 2007-2008  Member, EC Money Laundering Statistics Sub-Group
  • 2007-  Member, EC Proceeds of Crime Confiscation Expert Working Group and Asset Recovery Office Working Group
  • Awarded the American Society of Criminology Division of International Criminology's Outstanding Achievement Award
  • ESRC representative on ESRC/EPSRC team assessing research proposals on technology and crime reduction (MIAP initiative)
  • Editor in chief, Criminology and Criminal Justice (official journal of British Society of Criminology)
  • Senior criminology editor, Crime, Law and Social Change.
  • Editorial board member: British Journal of Criminology; European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research; Global Crime; Howard Journal of Criminal Justice; and Security Journal
  • Reviewer of research proposals for international research councils
  • External Member, Cambridge Institute of Criminology Teaching and Learning Review
  • External adviser, LSE Promotions Committee
  • Chair, Wales & West of England Branch, Executive Committee and Council, British Society of Criminology
  • Adviser to Prime Minister's Strategy Unit on confiscation of proceeds of crime.
  • Elected sole British member of Council of Europe's Criminological and Scientific Research Committee
  • Member, Council of Europe Reflections Committee on the 1990 Money-Laundering Convention
  • Consultant to the Commission for Africa on the prevention and recovery of the proceeds of corruption
  • Organised academic seminars for senior management of Serious and Organised Crime Agency
  • Senior policy adviser on law enforcement issues, Transparency International
  • Member of Law Society Money Laundering Task Force
  • Specialist Parliamentary Adviser, Welsh Affairs Committee, on Policing and Anti-Social Behaviour in Wales
  • Member, Home Office Consultative Group on Identity Fraud
  • National Audit Office panel for the National Audit Office and HM Treasury Guide: Good Practice in Tackling External Fraud
  • Fraud Advisory Panel's Sub-Committee Reviewing Anti-Money Laundering Initiatives in the UK
  • Expert Advisory Group to UK Information Commissioner

Academic positions

  • 1989-1991: Reader in Criminology, University of Wales, Cardiff;
  • 1987-1989: Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University College, Cardiff;
  • 1975-1987: Lecturer in Criminology, Cardiff College University.

Committees and reviewing

2021-                                     EC Supra National Risk Assessment (SNRA) 2021 – Member, Horizontal working group

2021-                                     European Research Council, ERC StG SH2 evaluation panel

2019-                                     Member, Law Society Money Laundering Task Force

Area Editor, Criminology and Psychology, Journal of Cybersecurity

Senior Editor, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal  Justice.

Editorial Board, Journal of White-Collar and Corporate Crime, I nternational Journal for Crime and Justice, Global Crime, J ournal of Financial Crime, Security Journal, European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, Crime, Law,    and Social Change.

 2006-9                                   Editor—In-Chief, Criminology and Criminal Justice.

 2004-12                                Editorial Board member, British Journal of Criminology

 Fomerly Editorial board, Champ Pénal, J ournal of Law and Society, and Consultant Editor,  Company Lawyer.

Reviewerof research proposals and studies and of elite research posts for Australian,British,Canadian, Dutch, Flemish,Hong Kong,Irish, Israeli, Norwegian and Swiss Humanities and Social Science Research Councils;for the US National Science Foundation;for the UK Home Office; and for the European Commission.Regular reviewer of articles for other journals, including Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology, American Sociological Review, Asian Journal of Criminology,CanadianJournal of Sociology,Criminology,Criminology & PublicPolicy,International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice, Journal of Quantitative Criminology,Regulation and Governance,Law & Policy,Law & Society Review,Law & Social Inquiry, Corporate Governance,Journal of Financial Crime and Public Administration,World Development.

Reviewer of proposals and manuscripts for publishers, including Oxford University Press (UK and US), Cambridge University Press, Cornell University Press, Princeton University Press, Queen's Ontario UP, Stanford University Press, Toronto UP, Yale University Press, and non-University presses such as Ashgate, Edward Elgar, Policy Press, Routledge, Sage, Springer.  


The criminological, socio-legal and economic dimensions of the following crime areas and their control:

  • Money Laundering
  • fraud
  • organised crime
  • Cybercrime
  • Terror Finance