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Andy Lloyd

Mr Andy Lloyd

Senior Academic Developer


Role responsibilities

As Business Lead for the University’s Rethinking Assessment project, I play a major role in planning, designing, and supporting the implementation of the efforts being made to enhance assessment and feedback University wide.  As well as providing advice, guidance and professional development to academic staff and Schools on assessment and feedback issues, I co-ordinate the design, delivery and management of the individual work packages being undertaken through this project, and work closely with colleagues running the Education Development Service; to ensure that assessment can be designed holistically within individual programmes and linked to and aligned with learning outcomes and teaching activities.

Key work/specialisms

  • Leading the support and delivery of the University’s Rethinking Assessment project.
  • Providing expert advise to Schools on assessment design, through the University’s Education Development Service.
  • Overseeing the development, production, and dissemination of assessment and feedback policies, guidance, and support materials.
  • Contributing to assessment and feedback sessions across the University’s Education Fellowship Programmes.
  • Consultant for the Advance HE Professional Development Course for External Examiners, supporting the development and roll-out of the course



Book sections


  • Lloyd A. and Rust C.  (2021)  The Professional Development Course for External Examiners.  Presentation given at the Advance HE conference on ‘Protecting the value of HE qualifications in the UK: Degree classification and external examining’.  May 2021
  • O’Donovan B., den Outer B., Price M, and Lloyd A.  (2019)  What makes good feedback good?  Studies in Higher Education, Jun 21, 2019.
  • Lloyd A.  (2019)  Is it time to moderate moderation?  UK academic staff perceptions of the effectiveness and location of different moderation strategies.  Presentation given at the ‘7th International Assessment in Higher Education conference’.  June 2019
  • Bloxham S., Price M., Rust C., Morris E., Lloyd A., Reimann N. and McConologue T.  (2017)  External examiners: developing their assessment literacy and shared academic standards.  Presentation given at the ‘6th International Assessment in Higher Education conference’.  June 2017
  • Parker P., Quinsee S., Phillips A., Truscott H., Lloyd A., Eustance C., Slade G., Kandler C., Freeman R., Bartholomew P. and Brown S.  (2010)  The CAMEL trail (collaborative approaches to managing emerging lessons)  SEDA Spring Teaching Learning and Assessment Conference.
  • Kell C. and Lloyd A.  (2006)  Developing a new policy for the peer review of teaching: a cross-institutional approach – SEDA, Educational Developments.
  • Lloyd A.  (1991)  Early atlases and printed books from the Manchester Geographical Society collection : a catalogue.  Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester; vol.73, no.2,


Andy is the Business Lead for the University’s Rethinking Assessment project, leading on assessment and feedback support across the institution.  Andy has worked in a wide range of different roles across the University for more than 30 years.  Originally qualified and working as a librarian, he then moved to a research role in the School of Education, and then to lead the enhancement of a number of different areas in the assessment, initially in Registry and latterly in the Cardiff Learning and Teaching Academy.  Andy also works for Advance HE on the UK Degree Standards project, focused on the professional development of external examiners.

While Andy’s passion is the enhancement of assessment and feedback, he also has experience and expertise in a number of other education related areas, having previously led the Curriculum Design Team in the Academy between 2019 and 2022, supported the peer review of learning and teaching, led the introduction of learning analytics, and having been described on one noteworthy occasion as the “learning outcomes man” to a QAA review team.

Outside of University life, Andy can often be found on a bike, out of breath, half-way up a hill somewhere in the Welsh countryside.