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Eleanor Mackillop

Dr Eleanor Mackillop

Research Associate, Wales Centre for Public Policy

Cardiff Business School


JOB TITLE Research Associate
ORGANISATION Wales Centre for Public Policy
PHONE NUMBER 02922510878











Please see below the projects I have been working on:

  1. Covid-19 work: I took part in the writing of two C-19 papers: one on local government and one on procurement, co-production. I also wrote a blog on the cost of health and rationing for the WCPP website.
  2. Formulation of a project to review the literature on co-production of knowledge between researchers and policy-mkaers with planned outputs of an academic journal article and another output aimed at WCPP's working practices. 
  3. Children Looked-After impact project: aim is to understand the impact of the WCPP in its Public Service (PS) stream. I conducted five interviews with CLA professionals and other stakeholders, with more planned. The findings will inform how WCPP can think of its impact in its PS work.
  4. Knowledge Brokering literature review: article published in Policy and Politics (with Sarah Q and James);jsessionid=26tiwujsfufcd.x-ic-live-03
  5. Our Future Wales consultation: Worked with Cate Hopkins and James Downe on reviewing the data from submissions to the consultation organised by Welsh Government on the future of Wales post-Cpvod-19. Helped draft a report submitted to WG and a blog to be published on the WCPP's website.
  6. Q method (with James Downe): Study which explores what is meant by evidence by different actors in the policy community in Wales. Output planned is an academic article.
  7. SAPEA sustainable food policy review: I took part in an evidence review of sustainable food policy research for the Science Advice for Policyby European Academics (SAPEA) which informs the European Commission's Advisers' report.
  8. University policy institutes project (with Hannah Durrant): conducted interviews with university policy institutes staff and drafted an article on their emergence and role. Also presented our research to the ECPR conference in August.
  9. Well-being of Future Generations project (with Suzanna Nesom): conducted interviews with PSB members and others involved in the implementation of the Act. Drafting an article published in Dec 2020.



Eleanor is a researcher with a background in political science, organisation studies and local government research. Her work at the Wales Centre for Public Policy involves, amongst other issues, researching the role of evidence in policy-making in Wales and elsewhere, examining policy-making in devolved administrations and small countries, and evaluating the Well-Being of Future Generations Act recently adopted in Wales. Her interests span austerity and crisis, organisational change, and policy formulation and change.

Prior to joining the Wales Centre for Public Policy, she held research positions at the Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV), University of Birmingham, working with Professor Chris Skelcher on the ESRC-funded Shrinking the State project and researching advisory bodies and the Coalition's 'bonfire of the quangos'; and at the University of Liverpool, working as a research associate for three years on the Wellcome-funded Governance of Health project which examined policy-making in health since the creation of the NHS in 1948 and the role of economics in this area. Her PhD (De Montfort University, Leicester) looked at austerity in local government following the 2010 Coalition government decision to drastically cut local government funding.