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Kent Matthews

Professor Kent Matthews

Sir Julian Hodge Professor of Banking and Finance

Cardiff Business School

+44 29208 75855
Aberconway Building, Room D09a, Colum Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF10 3EU
Media commentator


I began my academic career as a macroeconomist at Liverpool University teaching macroeconomics and monetary economics. Having spent three years as a macroeconomic forecaster at the NIESR, I became part of the Liverpool Macroeconomic Research Group and helped to develop the first rational expectations model of the UK economy while working for my PhD. I was its Principal Forecaster for for 10 years before moving to Cardiff Business School in 1989. I returned to Liverpool to Liverpool John Moores University as Professor of Banking & Finance, sharing my time with Lombard Street Research in the City as its UK Economist. I returned to Cardiff in 1996 as the Sir Julian Hodge Professor of Banking & Finance and also Head of Economics for 9 years and Associate Dean for Engagement & International Relations (3 years).

I have had a long scholarly association at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and continue to collaborate with Leuven economics faculty. I have held visiting scholar positions at the Bank of England (under Charles Goodhart), the University of Western Ontario, Clemson University, Humbolt University, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and Fudan University. I am a founder member of the IEA Shadow Monetary Policy Committee and continue to serve as its Secretary.








































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Primary research interests

I have worked in the areas of macroeconomic modelling, economic forecasting, economics of banking, modelling the shadow economy. While specialising in banking and finance, I also see myself as an applied economist and can apply the tools of mdelling in economics to wiser areas in economics. As well as the main areas of banking economics, and macroeconomics, I have worked and published in areas of economic history, economic forecasting, political economy, tax evasion, health economics, money laundering, economics of water and sewage industry, operational research, agricultural economics, and regional economics

  • Shadow banking and the Chinese macroeconomy
  • Bank credit and SME financing
  • Money and banking deregulation in developing economies
  • Economics of the shadow economy
  • Crime and violent injury

Research projects

  • 2018-2022 - ESRC/Welsh Water (£84,000) - fund PhD student to conduct research on the efficiency of not-for-profit enterprises.
  • 2017-2021 - ESRC-Newton (£330,000) - Chinese Shadow Banks: A Micro to Macro modelling framework
  • 2010-2014 - Welsh Water Authority (£100,000) – fund PhD student to conduct research on water utility efficiency models
  • 2008-2010 - ESRC (£167,297) - Modelling nominal rigidities with Dr Vo Le
  • 2006-2008 - British Association, to examine managerial efficiency in Chinese banks, £7000
  • 2002-2003 - British Association, to examine the micro determinants of violent injury in Cardiff with Dr Peter Morgan £5,000
  • 2000 - ESRC Seminar Programme for Money, Macro, Finance Research Group with Prof. M Wickens (York) £12,000
  • 1997-1999 - ESRC Seminar Programme for Money, Macro, Finance Research Group with Prof. M Wickens (York) £15,000
  • 1994-1996 - ESRC Seminar Programme for Money, Macro, Finance Research Group with Prof. K Cuthbertson (City Univ. Bus School) and Prof. Michael Moore (Queens Belfast) £7,000
  • 1993-1994 - Welsh Development Agency, to develop a regional VAR model for Wales, with C Ioannidis & K Morgan (Cardiff Bus School) £9,500
  • 1992-1994 - ESRC Money Macro Finance Research Group with Prof. David Currie (London Bus School) £10,000
  • 1991-1992 - IFREMER/EEC collaboration with C Ioannidis to construct an econometric model of the fresh fish market in France and Italy £13,300
  • 1986, 1988 - Nuffield Foundation Travel grants for collaborative work on the US Interwar labour market £2,400
  • 1978-1991 - Collaboration with Prof. Patrick Minford on Liverpool Modelling projects funded by the ESRC. Total research grants approx (£700,000)


I currently teach a postgraduate module onTopics in Money, Banking & Finance.

My teaching experience has taken me through undergraduate macroeconomics, monetary economics, and banking economics at Cardiff and Liverpool Universities at the year 3 level, and Money, Banking & Finance at Cardiff , and macroeconomics at Liverpool at the year 2 level. I have taught undergraduate macroeconomics at Western Ontario, Canada at level 2 & 3, Clemson, USA at level 2; and Geldtheorie at KU Leuven at final year level.

At the graduate level, I have taught macroeconomics at Cardiff, KU Leuven, and Humbolt; Banking Economics at Cardiff, LJMU. and Nottinham University China; International Finance at Western.

At the PhD level, I have taught Economics of Banking at Cardiff and Fudan University.

I am the coauthor of the following textbooks

Kent Matthews & John Thompson, The Economics of Banking (3rd Ed) Wiley, 2014 (4th edition in progress)

Michael Parkin, Melanie Powell, and Kent Matthews, Economics (10th Ed), Pearson, 2017 (11th Ed in progress)

Frederick Mishkin, Massimo Giuliodori, and Kent Matthews, The Economics of Money, Banking & Financial Markets, Pearson, 2013

Kent Matthews, Macroeconomics and the Market, Macmillan, 1994


I have worked in academia, economic consultancy, and research institutions throughout my career. I started as a Junior Research Assistant and Computer Programmer at LSE before taking my degree at the same institution. I got interested in economic research after graduating in 1974 and spending some months at the Centre for Urban Economics at LSE, and then spent three years at the National Institute of Economic & Social Research in London, before going up to University Liverpool to study for my PhD under Patrick Minford. While at NIESR, I took my MSc in economics at Birkbeck College University of London. I took a lectureship in Monetary Economics at Liverpool University in 1978 and remained at Liverpool until I joined Cardiff University in 1989. While at Liverpool, I was part of the Liverpool Macroeconomic Research Group under Prof Patrick Minford and its Principal Forecaster using the first rational expectations model of the UK for forecasting and policy analysis.

I have held visiting research appointments at the University of Leuven (Belgium), Bank of England, Clemson University (S Carolina), Lombard Street Research, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Fudan University (Shanghai), South East University (Nanjing), and Zhongnan University of Economics & Law, (Wuhan). I have held vsiting teaching appointments at University of Leuven, University of Western Ontario (Canada), Humbolt University (Berlin).

1996 - to date (80% from 2017) Sir Julian Hodge Profesor of Banking and Finance, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University

2019 - to date (20%) Professor in Banking, Nottingham University Business School, University of Nottingham Ningbo China

1993 - 1996 Professor of Banking & Finance, Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University

1989 - 1993 Senior Lecturer, Cardiff Business School, UWCC

1978 - 1989 Lecturer Department of Economics & Accounting, University of Liverpool

1974 - 1977 Research Assistant, National Institute of Economic & Social Research

1970 - 1971 Junior Research Assistant, London School of Economics