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Camilla Pezzica

Dr Camilla Pezzica



Welsh School of Architecture

Available for postgraduate supervision


Camilla, Lecturer in digital methods in Architecture and Urbanism, is an urban analyst and environmental designer interested in interdisciplinary research with a focus on sustainable development and disaster risk reduction, housing and urbanisation, urban morphology and transformations, transitional urbanism and public space. She has expertise in multi-scale and multidimensional urban modelling and analysis, digital simulation and design methods, and in the study of human-space interaction in cities and buildings.


  • Research
  • PhD and MArch Supervision
  • Undergraduate Teaching
  • Personal Tutor


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • EU Civil and environmental engineer
  • Vice-chair, intersocial board, International Association for Axiomatic Design (IAAD)
  • Member of ISIPM Project Management Association










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Research interests

  • Disaster Risk Reduction and connected Decision Support Systems 
  • Futures studies and Urban Resilience modelling
  • Multi scale simulations for Sustainable Urban Development Planning and Urban Design
  • Decision-driven Analysis of Urban Form, Public Life and Public Spaces 
  • Urban and Territorial Digital Modelling for the analysis and management of change and transformation 
  • Artificial Intelligence methods in Design and Built Environment Management

Recent work

  • Co-editor, together with Prof. Bleil de Souza, C. and Prof. McElroy, L. of the Special Issue "multi-domain simulation workflows for ‘Sustainable Cities & Communities’ (UN SDG11)" in the Journal of Building Performance Simulation, (
  • Research Assistant in the AHRC funded project "Eco-Hammam: Engaging key stakeholders with bespoke low-carbon technologies for lighting, heating and water recycling to sustain a Moroccan heritage".
  • Research Assistant in the AHRC funded project "Shelf-Life; Re-imagining the future of Carnegie Public Libraries"
  • PhD project "Temporary Housing and Transitional Urbanism: planning for sustainable post-disaster recovery under uncertainty" developed collaboratively between Cardiff University and the University of Pisa.

Honours and awards

  • Publication featured in the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) PreventionWeb global knowledge sharing platform: Pezzica, C., Cutini, V., Bleil de Souza, C. 2020. Mind the gap: state of the art on decision-making related to post-disaster housing assistance. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction Jan 2020 (#openaccess#DRR #decisionmaking #UN # 10.1016/j.ijdrr.2020.101975)
  • Award nomination for best paper from the CIPA 2019 conference committee: Pezzica, C., Schroeter, J., Prizeman, O., Jones, C., Rosin, P. 2019. Between images and built form: automating the recognition of standardised building components using deep learning. Presented at: 27th CIPA International Symposium “Documenting the past for a better future”, Avila, Spain, 1-5 September 2019. ISPRS Ann. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Copernicus, pp. 123-132 , (10.5194/isprs-annals-IV-2-W6-123-2019).


Internal engagements

  • BSc Architectural Design 2 (Module Co-leader)
  • MArch 2 (dissertation supervision and lecture contributions - adavanced 3D modelling and photogrammetry lab.)

Past engagements:

  • BSc Architectural Design 1 (Atelier Leader and Design tutor)
  • BSc Architectural Technology 1, 2 and 3 (TA and Tutor)
  • BSc Design Principles and Methods 1 and 2 (Lecture contributions)
  • BSc Vertical Studio "Time matters: Temporality and transitions in housing" (module leader)

      International engagements

      • Guest lecturer at DESTEC University of Pisa (Italy) - Town Planning, Site planning, Design and Development
      • Guest Lecturer at ENAM (Morocco) - Bsc Architectural Design 2 - photogrammetry laboratory
      • External PhD reviewer at DESTEC University of Pisa (Italy) - Urban and Regional Planning
      • Dissertation supervisor at DESTEC Univeristy of Pisa (Italy) - Chiara Chioni "From temporariness to permanence. The case of Borgo di Arquata after the 2016 Central Italy Earthquake", awarded a place in the 2020 Venice Architecture Biennale


      Camilla joined the WSA as Lecturer in digital methods in Architecture and Urbanism in 2021. Previously, she worked for 4 years as a Research Assistant in two AHRC funded projects and on a doctoral research in the interdisciplinary area of urban development planning and design decision-making. She holds a MSc Degree in Architecture and Construction Engineering from the University of Pisa and is a EU licensed Civil and Environmental Engineer. She benefitted from an international influence in her education, experiencing the environment of Alvar Aalto University, ETH, ILEK and the Architectural Association. To develop part of her initial research, prior to Cardiff she worked as a research intern at the ISTAR-Information Sciences and Technologies and Architecture Research Center of the University Institute of Lisbon. After graduation she worked in an international Architecture firm (ATI project) and maintained a close relationship with the Academy.


      I am interested in supervising the following research topics:

      • Multi scale simulations for Sustainable Urban Development Planning and Urban Design
      • Decision-driven Analysis of Urban Form, Public Life and Public Spaces
      • Urban and Territorial Digital Modelling for the analysis and management of change and transformation
      • Urban Futures
      • Urban Resilience modelling
      • Disaster Recovery planning

      I welcome potential motivated PhD applicants to contact me to discuss your research proposal and ideas aligning with my research interests.

      Current supervision

      Yagmur Gunes

      Yagmur Gunes

      Research student

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