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Greg Shaw   BSc, PhD MRSC RSci

Dr Greg Shaw


Experimental Officer in CCI

School of Chemistry


Catalysis, first coined by Berzelius in 1835, as the process of accelerating chemical reactions, has created intrigue for centuries. Following undergraduate studies at the School of Chemistry, I began studying, and was later employed, in the Cardiff Catalysis Institute. This all-encompassing area of research and the broad application of catalysts within sustainable 21st century technology has gripped me ever since. The relevance of this research area has never been so prominent, in academia and industry, as we require faster, larger scale and environmentally friendly technology.

Research in the CCI is diverse and collaboration with multiple groups within Cardiff, the UK and the world, helps to drive learning and underpins research activities. Within the school of chemistry, the CCI has a broad range of equipment based around 4 pillars - material synthesis, material characterisation, chemical testing and chemical analysis. My role is to coordinate the equipment and provide expert advice, to offer internal and external researchers the tools to be able to complete research goals efficiently and effectively.

















My research interests, to date, have centred around heterogeneous catalysis, where the substance of interest (catalyst) is in a different form (solid) from the chemical reactants (gas/liquid).

My PhD studies focussed on metal nanoparticles (Au-Pd) supported on a pre-formed material, such as TiO 2 and carbon, for the Direct Synthesis of H 2 O2. Not only is this a challenging reaction and a green alternative to the current industrial process (Anthraquinone Oxidation) it provides a model reaction for screening catalysts to aid catalyst design. H2O2 itself has many different applications as a strong oxidant, water applications etc.

Postdoctoral studies presented the opportunity to research zeolites, and their modification, for the oxidation of alkanes to value added products. The aim of this research being to oxidise C1-C4 alkanes, which are currently regularly flared, to platform chemicals, such as methanol, acetic acid, acetone which have a broad use in a variety of different areas. The defined structure of zeolites increases material characterisation.

Whilst maintaining involvement in these active research areas, and others, utilising knowledge gained to provide expert advice. My current role includes the coordination of equipment in the CCI which centres around the following four pillars:

  • Material Synthesis
  • Material Characterisation
  • Chemical Testing
  • Chemical Analysis



BSc in Chemistry (2006-2009). PhD in heterogeneous catalysis (2009-2012) with Professor Graham Hutchings, FRS (The direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide using bimetallic, gold and palladium, supported catalysts) including an internship at Solvay S.A. (2009-2010). Post doctoral research associate at Cardiff Catalysis Institute (2012-2014). Cardiff Catalysis Institute Experimental Officer (2014-Ongoing).

Memberships and Awards

Member Royal Society of Chemistry

Registered Scientist

NEBOSH General Certificate (Astutis 2017)