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Adam Threlfall

Adam Threlfall


Research Student

School of Physics and Astronomy

Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, Maindy Road, Cardiff, CF24 4HQ


I am a PhD student in the School of Computer Science and Informatics with a background in Physics. My research topic is on 'non-invasive characterisation of brain cancer tissue microstructure from MRI using Deep Learning'. I have an interest in Machine Learning, Statistical Descriptors, and enjoy working on problems that have overlap between Physics and Computer Science. 

My PhD is part of the Interdisciplinary Precision Oncology Cardiff Hub (IPOCH).



  • MSc Data Intensive Physics (2022-2023)
    • Grade: Distinction 
    • Research Project: Assessing the feasibility of using Spherical Harmonics and Statistical Shape Modelling to create a multi-layered head model from EEG electrode positions on the scalp.
  • BSc Physics with Computer Science (2018-2022)
    • Grade: 2:1
    • Dissertation: A brief overview of developments in transistor technology.
    • Project: A comparison of dry battery performance.


  • Buisness Information Technology at FHNW, Basel, Switzerland (2021-2022)


  • Statistical Descriptors
  • Machine learning
  • Diffusion MRI

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