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Dr Ryan Prout

Darllenydd mewn Astudiaethau Sbaenaidd

Ysgol Ieithoedd Modern

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66a Plas y Parc, Ystafell 2.03, Cathays, Caerdydd, CF10 3AS
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My research interests centre on film and writing from Latin America and from post-transitional democratic Spain. I am particularly interested in exploring through film and literary narrative the signs of Spain’s re-emergence as a crucible of diverse cultures. My current research activities and publications fall across three main areas: Visual Cultures, Disability and Illness Narratives, Spanish and Latin American Film and Literature.



























Adrannau llyfrau





My research is interdisciplinary and intersectional. Since I completed my PhD on Juan Goytisolo, it has been informed by a cultural studies approach. I am a member of the peer review panels for the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies, the Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies, and the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies. I have been a regular contributor of film and festival reviews to Film International and am on the advisory board for Film Matters, a journal dedicated to promoting UG film scholarship. My research activities and publications fall across three main areas:

Visual Cultures

My work on so-called ‘social and sensitive comics’ written and drawn by Paco Roca and Miguel Gallardo appeared in the International Journal of Comic Art to which I have also contributed an article on three best-selling comics about the economic crisis by Aleix Saló, which I called collectively the troika trilogy. In 2009 I was the PI for an international event on Hispanic Visual Cultures held at Cardiff University and was the coordinating editor for a book, Seeing in Spanish (CSP, 2011), which includes twenty-two contributions developed from the original conference programme. The book covers the gamut of cultures from Spain and Latin America, ranging from pictorial allusion in Cervantes to the visual representation of Raggaeton artists. As part of my research-led teaching activity, I have pioneered the inclusion of comics on the curriculum in Hispanic Studies at Cardiff and the bibliographies for the courses I teach include, for instance, María y yo, and Who Is Ana Mendieta?

Disability and Illness Narratives

In the 1990s I looked at illness narratives in the work of Juan Goytisolo and my research on the manner in which notions of viral contagion and disease are used to somatise nationality is included in my monograph Fear and Gendering (Peter Lang, 2001). I developed the concept of somatised nationality in work on transplant and identity in Almodóvar and my recent work has focussed on autism and Alzheimer’s in documentary and fiction film from Spain and Mexico. My work on the indigenisation of amnesia in Las buenas hierbas, a film made by Mexico’s foremost woman director, María Novaro, is included in Libre acceso (eds.  Antebi and Jörgensen, 2014). I began publishing work on disability narratives in 2008 when my article on films by Saura, Ferreri, and Mercero appeared in the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies. In 2014 I received an award from Cardiff University’s Research Leave Scheme enabling me to complete my manuscript on neuro-diversity in films and sequential art from Spain and Latin America.  I have included work from this strand of my research in my teaching, primarily in my year four content module Stories from the Edge: Minority Voices from Spain and Latin America. In 2010 I contributed a paper on disability and multi-modality to the Translating (at) the Border event organised by Alexis Nousselovici, and in June 2014 I co-organised a one day conference on Disability in Translation held at Cardiff University.

Spanish and Latin American Film and Literature

I have published work on Lorca, Laura Esquivel, Juan Goytisolo, and Rosamaría Roffiel, among other writers from Spain and Latin America. I have published work on film from Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and Spain with an emphasis in my work on Spanish film on questions of religious belief, gender, and technocracy. My work on Juan Pinzás addresses the Spanish iteration of the Dogme filmmaking manifesto and also developed the application to film interpretation of coming out as a way to read the identity politics of Spain’s minority languages. I have contributed to reference works on Spanish film (for example, 24 Frames: the Cinema of Spain and Portugal) and have also proposed new readings of popular and understudied films such as Sor Citroën and Marcelino Pan y Vino. In addition to my work on films from Spain and Latin America, I have also published articles on Portuguese and East German cinema. I have published interviews with well-known writers like Edmund White as well as with emerging filmmakers such as Till Kleinert and Magnus Mork.


My teaching covers the spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate (taught and research) courses offered in the School. I teach language and content modules at all levels and have developed content modules for year 2 students on Spanish and Latin American film and for year 4 students on minority voices in the cultures of Spain and Latin America. I also supervise the completion of dissertations by Spanish single honours students.

In language teaching my focus is on translation from Spanish to English and as such I contribute teaching both to the Spanish BA and to the Translation BA. I developed Cine Britannia, a course on British Society and Politics seen through the viewfinder of film (1936-2007), for Erasmus students. This popular course has been running for incoming Erasmus students since 2010.

Undergraduate level

  • Specialised Translation
  • Specialised Translation
  • Landmark Films from Spain and Latin America (Convenor)
  • Stories from the Edge: Minority Voices from Spain and Latin America (Convenor)
  • Cine Britannia: British Culture and Society at the Pictures 1936-2007
  • Spanish Language (Year 4)
  • ¿Patria o muerte? Post-Revolutionary Film and Writing From and About Cuba (Convenor)
  • Surrealist Film and Art from Spain and Mexico (Convenor)
  • Spanish Texts: Introduction to Film and Literary Studies
  • Spanish Cultural Studies
  • Introduction to Spain and Latin America
  • Eurocine: Borders and Identities in Post-War European Cinema (Convenor)
  • Spanish Language Year 2 Ex-Advanced
  • Spanish Language Year 2 Ex-Beginners
  • Intercalary Year Abroad Project

Postgraduate level (taught)

  • European Literary Movements: Literary Theorists as Intellectuals
  • Memories of the Second World War in European Autobiographical Writing
  • Specialised translation (Literary)
  • Convenor and contributor on Spanish texts

PhD supervision

I am currently supervising Dia Borresly, a full time research student working towards a PhD on questions of innate and acquired competence in translation.

I was the primary supervisor for Dr. Silvia Grassi who successfully defended her thesis on minority storylines in Catalan and Spanish soap operas in January 2014.  Silvia’s doctoral research includes a focus on the re-ordering of narrative hierarchies by fans and sub-cultural communities who shift television programmes to digital platforms.

I have been the dissertation/translation project supervisor for many of the students on the taught MA programmes offered by the School, including Mark Taylor (Eco-philosophy), Michael Giner (Javier Cercas), Alexandra Baines (Javier Cercas),  Vasililki Chandrinou (Dina Rubina),  Gwenllian Jones (Julia Novarro), and Manon Davies (Disability in a Trans-European Film Context).


I have held major administrative roles including Head of Spanish, Equality and Diversity Officer, and co-Chair of the Languages, Cultures, and Ideologies research unit. As admissions officer I have been responsible for eight cycles of admissions and matriculation to programmes with Spanish.

Education and Career profile

I was taught by Ms. Rosemary Moore and Mrs. Jessica Hunter at Totton Sixth Form College where I studied Spanish and French. As an undergraduate I studied Spanish, French, and English Literature, as well as Linguistics and Translation.  I was taught by Mr. Bernard Bentley, Prof. Catherine Davies, Prof. Douglas Gifford, Prof. Alan Patterson, Prof. Michael Alexander, Dr. Sandor Hervey, and Prof. Yasir Suleiman. I completed a PhD on Juan Goytisolo at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

I was a Junior Research Fellow at Oxford University (Christ Church) before taking up my post as a lecturer in Spanish at Cardiff in 2002.

Memberships / External Activities

I am a member of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland, the Modern Language Association, and the Popular Culture Association. I was one of the judges for the 2006 Frank Capra prize for undergraduate writing on film. I have been a member of the University’s Sexual Orientation Working Group. Through the Erasmus teaching mobility scheme I have been a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Extremadura (Cáceres), Granada, and Lerida in Spain.


I have been Chair of the Cardiff branch of UCU and have also served as a representative for Equality and Diversity, and for LGBT members. I am a member of UCU’s LGBT Members Standing Committee and in 2014-15 I am UCU’s representative on the TUC’s LGBT Committee.

I participate in outreach and widening access activities and for the last three years have led MLANG’s  A-level workshops on Spanish film.

Anrhydeddau a dyfarniadau

  • Gwobr am Arweinydd mewn Cydraddoldeb, Amrywiaeth a Chynhwysiant, a roddwyd gan Undeb Myfyrwyr Prifysgol Caerdydd (2018)
  • Gwobr Cyfoethogi Bywyd Myfyrwyr, a roddwyd gan Undeb Myfyrwyr Prifysgol Caerdydd (2018)
  • Gwobr Cyfraniad Eithriadol, MLANG (2014)
  • Gwobr Goffa Alec Hunter

Aelodaethau proffesiynol

  • Aelod o Gymdeithas Hispanists Prydain ac Iwerddon
  • Aelod Lleyg, Cymdeithas Poen Prydain
  • Aelod o'r Gymdeithas Ieithoedd Modern
  • Aelod o ReDiArtXXI (Rhwydwaith o ysgolheigion sy'n ymchwilio delweddau o aflendid yn y celfyddydau perfformio)

Pwyllgorau ac adolygu


  • adolygydd cymheiriaid, Bwletin Astudiaethau Sbaenaidd
  • adolygydd cymheiriaid, Bwletin Astudiaethau Sbaeneg
  • adolygydd cymheiriaid, Bwletin Astudiaethau Gweledol Sbaenaidd
  • adolygydd cymheiriaid, darlleniadau newydd
  • Adolygydd cymheiriaid, Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies
  • Adolygydd cymheiriaid, Astudiaethau mewn Sinema Sbaeneg ac America Ladin
  • Adolygydd cymheiriaid, Daimon Revista Internacional de Filosofía
  • Adolygydd cymheiriaid, Abriu: estudos de textualidade do Brasil, Galicia e Portugal
  • adolygydd cymheiriaid, Arizona Journal of Astudiaethau Diwylliannol Sbaenaidd
  • Adolygiad cymheiriaid, Adolygiad Cyfraith Byd-eang Jindal
  • Bwrdd Cynghori, Materion Ffilm
  • Aelod o'r Bwrdd Golygyddol, Astudiaethau Ffilm Fer
  • Cyd-olygydd Cyffredinol, gyda Susanne Hartwig a Julio Checa o gyfres Images of Disablility (Peter Lang / BWG)

Aelodaeth pwyllgorau

  • Aelod Lleyg, Y Pwyllgor Llais Cleifion, Cymdeithas Poen Prydain
  • Pwyllgor Pobl MLANG (Cadeirydd) (2021-)
  • Pwyllgor Dysgu ac Addysgu MLANG
  • Pwyllgor Ymchwil MLANG
  • Bwrdd Ysgol MLANG
  • Pwyllgor Safonau ac Ansawdd Academaidd Prifysgol Caerdydd (2018-2020)
  • Senedd Prifysgol Caerdydd (2017-2019)
  • Pwyllgor Gweithredol UCU Prifysgol Caerdydd
  • Pwyllgor Gwaith Cenedlaethol UCU (2016-2020)
  • Gweithgor Gwrth-straen a Bwlio UCU (cyd-gadeirydd, 2016-2020)
  • Pwyllgor Sefydlog Aelodau LGBT+ UCU (Cadeirydd/Cyd-gadeirydd 2018-2020)
  • Pwyllgor Cydraddoldeb UCU (2016-2020)
  • Gweithgor Rhyngwladol UCU (2018-2020)
  • Pwyllgor Recriwtio, Trefnu ac Ymgyrchoedd UCU (2016-2020)
  • Pwyllgor Addysg UCU (2018-2020)
  • Pwyllgor LHDT TUC (2014-2016) 




Meysydd goruchwyliaeth

Mae gen i ddiddordeb mewn goruchwylio myfyrwyr PhD ym meysydd:

  • Diwylliannau gweledol Sbaen ac America Ladin
  • Llenyddiaeth Sbaeneg ac America Ladin
  • Ffilm a theledu Sbaeneg ac America Ladin
  • Astudiaethau LGBT
  • Astudiaethau anabledd
  • Astudiaethau cyfieithu
  • Ffilm a theledu Sbaeneg ac America Ladin
  • Diwylliannau anniriaethol
  • Hanes diwylliannol a chymdeithasol gwyliau

Ar hyn o bryd fi yw'r goruchwyliwr arweiniol ar gyfer:

  • Rachel Beaney sy'n cwblhau PhD ar amddifadrwydd ac asiantaeth mewn ffilm Sbaeneg
  • Javier Cortés Ortuño, sy'n cwblhau PhD ar esthetig trefedigaethol y gogledd yn llenyddiaeth nitrad Chile yr ugeinfed ganrif

Ar hyn o bryd, fi yw'r cyd-oruchwyliwr ar gyfer:

  • Emily Bush, sy'n ymchwilio i naratifau trychinebau Japan o safbwynt ecocritical.

Ar hyn o bryd rydw i ar y tîm goruchwylio, gyda Xuan Wang ac Elaine Chung, yn gweithio gyda:

  • Shanshan Xie, y mae ei hymchwil yn canolbwyntio ar gronotopau, arwyddion a chymhlethdod yn nhirwedd ieithyddol Tsieina peri-drefol.

Goruchwyliaeth gyfredol

Rachel Beaney Beaney

Rachel Beaney Beaney

Myfyriwr ymchwil

Javier CortÉs OrtuÑo

Javier CortÉs OrtuÑo

Myfyriwr ymchwil

Shanshan Xie

Shanshan Xie

Myfyriwr ymchwil

Emily Bush

Emily Bush

Myfyriwr ymchwil