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Thomas Tatchell

Dr Thomas Tatchell

Education and Students Manager

Ysgol Cemeg


Since 1998, apart from a small period abroad, I have been in the School of Chemistry as an undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral research associate. My research interests included the synthesis and investigation of novel macrocyclic transition metal complexes for modelling biological systems such as Photosystem II and the detection of specific anions such as Fluoride and Cyanide.

I was appointed in 2008 as the admissions tutor for the schools undergraduate programs. Having been through all the ranks of the school's teaching and research programs, I now run the UCAS admissions program within the school and if you would like further details on applying to study Chemistry, please visit the Applying page on the Cardiff University website.

I am responsible for the admissions and administration of the Postgraduate taught MSc schemes for the school. If you would like more information on the courses available on the School of Chemistry webpage.

My other main duty is the timetabling of the school's lecture courses across both the levels of undergraduate and postgraduate taught schemes.

I am also the Graduation officer for the School.










BSc (Hons) Chemistry, Cardiff University 2002, PhD, Cardiff University (2005, I. Fallis, synthesis of pendant aniline aza-macrocyles). Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cardiff University (2005-07, I. Fallis and S. Aldridge, synthesis and properties of macrocyclic and transition metal complexes for the specific sensing of target anions). Medical Writer, Sanofi-Aventis, Paris, France (2008). Appointed Taught Schemes Administrator and UCAS Admissions Officer, Cardiff University 2008.