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Selma Dogan

Miss Selma Dogan

Research student

School of Social Sciences


Selma Dogan is currently a PhD researcher in the School of Social Sciences investigating the contemporary widening access and participation mechanisms which encourage or impede mature students' retention and academic success in higher education, specifically in Wales. Her work is largely informed by Complex Realism (see Realism and Complexity in Social Science 2020) and Bourdieu's Cultural Reproduction Theory.  

Selma is a regular contributor to the British Educational Research Association -- BERA Blog

 Complex realism and educational research | BERA

 Online in-depth interviewing: Covid-induced challenges | BERA


My research interests are informed by the application of Realist methodologies in educational research and how it reflects on the interpretation of research findings.

Other areas of interest include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods in education
  • Educational theories
  • Foundations of social science research
  • Research design
  • The relationship between philosophy and empirical stages of educational research


Mature Students in Welsh Higher Education: A Complex Realist Study of the Barriers


Malcolm Williams

Malcolm Williams


Research themes


  • Applications in social sciences and education
  • Applied sociology