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Katie Faillace

Miss Katie Faillace


School of History, Archaeology and Religion

John Percival Building, Room Room 2.64, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU


I am a dental anthropologist and bioarchaeologist, studying human remains using macroscopic and molecular methods. My research focuses broadly on mobility, diet, and lifeways in the past. I also have an interest in methodological studies, interrogating and developing the techniques used for analysing human and animal remains. I have worked on projects ranging from the Neolithic to Post-Medieval period. Specific themes I'm interested in include:

  • The application of multi-isotope analysis (carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, oxygen, strontium, lead) on osseous remains for investigating diet and mobility
  • Dental morphological (ASUDAS) and metrical analysis for investigating population affinity
  • Macroscopic osteological analysis for investigating past lifeways, with a specialist interest in social and biological age
  • Innovations in isotopic analyses

Current projects include:

Biodistance in Britain: A dental morphometric analysis of migration in Wessex from the Iron Age to Early Medieval Period (ongoing PhD thesis)

The Medieval Population of Haverfordwest: Osteological and Isotopic Investigations of Medieval Welsh Lifeways

Passage Tomb People






I am an instructor for:

HST050 Human Osteoarchaeology (Module Convenor)

HS2423 Forensics and Osteoarchaeology (Teacher)

CE5335 If These Finds Could Talk (Module Convenor)

CE5487 Aging Through the Ages (Module Convenor)

I also teach on:

HS2125 Analysing Archaeology

HS2126 Discovering Archaeology

HST060 Death and Commemoration