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Natalie Forde-leaves

Mrs Natalie Forde-leaves

Senior Education Developer


Role responsibilities

As a Senior Education Developer with the Education Development Service, I contribute to the improvement of learning, teaching and the student learning experience by leading and coordinating activities and initiatives designed to support the review and (re)design of the curriculum and its delivery.

Key work/specialties

Work in partnership with Schools across a wide range of curriculum-related themes, with particular expertise in Assessment and Feedback, to develop excellent quality curricula that are inclusive, engaging and put the student first.

Lead Workstream 3 'Data and Evidence' of the Education Development Service (EDS) project. This means using an evidence-based approach to design and improve programmes.

Member of Workstream 2 'Content and resources' for the EDS project, which includes developing resources to lead and support school programme development teams.





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Prior to joining the Academy of Learning and Teaching in July 2022, Natalie Forde-Leaves was a Senior Lecturer in the Division of Accounting and Finance at Cardiff Business School. Natalie also held a Senior Manager role, being the Business School's Director of Assessment and Feedback from 2016-2019, supporting colleagues to deliver the School Assessment and Feedback Strategy.

She is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and before being employed as an academic, Natalie worked at various organisations such as Barclaycard, Lloyds Bank, Kaplan Financial Training and the NHS.

Natalie joined Cardiff Business School in 2011 from the University of Wales, Newport. Natalie is a former President of the ACCA South Wales Network, and has been an advocate for ACCA in maintaining accreditation and improving links between the ACCA professional body and the Business School.  

Natalie's current research interests are in pedagogical research, focusing on Assessment and Feedback, specifically assessment design, Sustainable Assessment and Assessment cultures.   Natalie is currently holding a Professional Doctorate in Education with a thesis entitled: 'Assessment Cultures and Autonomy' (Autonomy and Assessment Cultures) and is working towards an HE Senior Advance Fellowship (SFHEA).