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Qipeng Gao

Mr Qipeng Gao

Research student

School of Modern Languages


I am a PGR student in Cardiff University. My research focuses mainly on videogame localisation quality assessment. I am also a freelance translator working between Chinese and English.





I am currently working on my Phd on videogame localisation, especially on quality assessment and further training advice. I have always been interested in videogames and have played various games. As a translation student, I am particularly intrigued by the localisation aspect of videogame and by the arguments over the improvement of its quality. I hope that, through my research and my knowledge of translation, I could have a deepened understanding of videogames as a powerful medium and a fascinating material for translation studies. My current pursuit of my research objective follows the study of narrative, intending to stress its importance in localisation process and helpfulness in building a quality assessment model.


Videogame Localisation: Quality Assessment and Suggestion on Academic Training


I have been given the chance to partake in the following teaching:

- MLANG online learning course 'Working with Translation' (November - December) (March - April)


Ruselle Meade

Ruselle Meade

Lecturer in Japanese Studies

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