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Aysenur Kilic

Miss Aysenur Kilic

Research student


Aysenur Kilic completed her Master of Architecture (MArch) with first-class honours from Bursa Uludag University and her bachelor's degree in Architecture with a success-based full scholarship from Istanbul Kultur University.

She is presently a PhD student at the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA), Cardiff University. Her primary research interests include an architectural design for persons with vision impairment besides architectural well-being and psychology, environmental and behaviour research in architecture. 


  • Architectural Design for Persons with Vision Impairment
  • Architectural Well-being and Psychology
  • Ênvironmental and Behaviour Research in Architecture


Kilic A., Sahin B. E., 2019.  The Assesment of the Physical Quality of Environment in Kindergarten Design for Visually Impaired Children, Online Journal of Art and Design, 7(1):148-170  - DAAI Index (Design and Applied Arts) 

PhD Thesis:

Blind Architecture: What can the profession learn from the experiences of persons with visual impairment  (to advance inclusive design and multi-sensory environments)


Jennifer Acton

Dr Jennifer Acton

Senior Lecturer & Director of Recruitment and Admissions