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Maxwell Modell

Mr Maxwell Modell

Graduate Tutor

School of Journalism, Media and Culture


Maxwell Modell is a PhD student at Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Culture studying the journalistic potential of news podcasts.

Maxwell’s research focuses on the interplay between journalism and politics, with a specific focus on the way news media is reimagining itself in response to digital technologies and narratives of declining trust in journalism.

As a member of the Podcast PhDs research network, Maxwell co-organised the Emerging Research in Podcast Studies 2022 International Virtual Symposium. An online conference bringing together scholars grappling with the very idea of podcasting and its implications for our culture and society.   

Maxwell works under the supervision of Dr Inaki Garcia-Blanco and Professor Stephen Cushion. He is funded by the ESRC on the Journalism and Democracy pathway


Conference presentations

Broadcast Talk Seminar 2022 - "Redefining the political interview: Actively avoiding adversarialism and managing audience expectations on Political Thinking with Nick Robinson"

Emerging Research in Podcast Studies 2022 - "The Epistemologies of News Podcasts: The Constant Negotiation Between Truth Seeking and Storytelling"

Recordings available upon request.