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Kaisa Pankakoski

Dr Kaisa Pankakoski

Research student

School of Welsh

Welsh speaking


After completing an undergraduate degree in European Studies at the University of Portsmouth I gained a Master’s degree in International Journalism at Cardiff University. My dissertation titled Euroscepticism in Britain and Finland: attitudes and print media since accession (2005) looked at the two countries’ different histories and societies leading to different cultures of euroscepticism in a comparative analysis in the pre-Brexit era. My dissertation, that was awarded distinction, sparked my interest in research.

I spent ten years working as a freelance researcher, journalist, writer, and translator in Wales, Finland and Chile before returning to academia in 2015. I am now a PhD candidate at the School of Welsh. My current research focuses on multilingual families’ ideologies and experiences in Finland and Wales.

Honours and awards

I am truly grateful for the PhD funding awarded:

Articles regarding my research project

I am currently training to run the next Cardiff Half Marathon to raise money for neuroscience and mental health research.


Multilingualism, trilingualism, bilingualism, sociolinguistics, linguistics, sociology of language, second language acquisition, child trilingualism, early second or third language acquisition, trilingual first language acquisition, attitudes, special needs, autism

Peer-reviewed scientific articles

Pankakoski, K. (2020). A comparative study of trilingual families in Helsinki and Cardiff areas: intergenerational language transmission experiences, influential factors for development of minority languages and children's perspectives. Short Papers in Language and Linguistics, Winter 2020(1), pp.6-7.

Arvola, O., Pankakoski, K., Reunamo J., & Kyttälä, M. (2020). Culturally and linguistically diverse children’s participation and social roles in the Finnish Early Childhood Education - is play the common key? Early Child Development and Care, DOI: 10.1080/03004430.2020.1716744.

Online publications intended for professional communities and the general public

Pankakoski, K. (2021). Multilingual Families' Language Policies. Familia.

Pankakoski, K. (2021). Four reasons to raise a multilingual child. Familia.

Pankakoski, K. (2019). The potential of polyglots. School of Welsh Blog.

Pankakoski, K. (2019). Words of wisdom for new postgraduate researchers: Part one. Doctoral Academy Blog.

Arfon, E., Jepson, E, and Pankakoski, K. (2019). Multilingualism and multi-identities in Wales: a creative approach to research and practice conference blog. 

Pankakoski, K. (2017). Trilingual families in bilingual capital cities. The Philological Society Blog.

Articles in other languages

Pankakoski, K. (2021). Monkielisen lapsen aaltoileva kielten kehitys. Perhe maailmalla.

Pankakoski, K. (2020). Lapsiperhearkea kolmella kielellä. Vähäisiä lisiä. Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seuran blogi. ISSN 2341-7285

Pankakoski, K. & Pietikäinen, S. (2020). Kieli kasvaa lasta kuuntelemalla. Perhe maailmalla.

Pankakoski, K. (2019). Potensial pobl amlieithog. Blog Ysgol y Gymraeg.

Engagement, papers and presentations

PresentationA comparative study of multilingual families in Helsinki and Cardiff: parental language ideologies. XLVII Linguistics Days. 5-7 May 2021. Tampere University, Finland.

Photography presentation and first prize winner: International Reflections During the Pandemic. Images of
Research exhibition. 11th December 2020. Cardiff University, Wales.

Presentation: A cat called Kedi and how to raise a polyglot. Three Minute Thesis. 30 June 2020. Cardiff University Doctoral Academy, Wales.

Organising Multilingualism and multi-identities in Wales: a creative approach to research and practice conference with two doctoral colleagues Elin Arfon and Eira Jepson. Funding awarded by Creative Multilingualism. 6 November, 2019, Cardiff University, Wales.

Poster presentation: A comparative study of trilingual families in Helsinki and Cardiff: intergenerational language transmission methods. Multilingual Awareness and Multilingual Practices conference. 22-24 November 2018. University of Tallinn, Estonia.

Presentation: Trilingual families' language strategies. ESRC Cardiff Festival of Social Science seminar. 9 November 2017. Cardiff University, Wales.

Presentation: Kolmikieliset lapset Helsingissä. 17 August 2017. Department of Modern Languages, Helsinki University, Finland.

For a full list of public engagements and experience, please send me an email.


A comparative study of multilingual families in Finland and Wales: children's perspectives, parents’ ideologies, and intergenerational language transmission experiences


Jonathan Morris

Jonathan Morris

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