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I am a doctoral student focusing on Sasanian Urbanism and the perception of urban spaces after the Arab-Muslim conquest. My research interests span across Archaeology and History of Pre-Islamic Persia. 

Academic Background:

BA, Archeologia e culture dell’Oriente e dell’Occidente, La Sapienza Università di Roma (2009-2013) 

MA, Ricerca, Documentazione e Tutela dei Beni Archeologici, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna (2013-2016)

MA, Ancient History, Cardiff University (2018-2019)


Research Interests:

- Sasanian Dynasty (224-650 CE)

- History and Culture of Iran

- Ancient Persian Empire

- Landscape Archaeology 


“Persia e Roma, due visioni differenti sulla sconfitta di Giuliano l'Apostata” (Persia and Rome, two different concept about the defeat of Julian the Apostate) in Forma Urbis, n. 10, October 2016, XXI: 23-26.

“A road to Fīrūzābād” in EX NOVO, Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 3, December 2018: 75-96.


Universities in Wales Institute of Classics and Ancient History Postgraduate Conference 'Narratives of Power', Swansea University (November 2019) - Paper title: Sasanian Kings as Decision-Makers: Reshaping the Ērānshahr.

The Fourth Biennial Conference on Iranian Studies, Symposia Iranica, Saint Andrews University (April 2019) - Paper title: Reasons behind the act of foundation; reflections on Sasanian culture.

Universities in Wales Institute of Classics and Ancient History Postgraduate Conference 'Conversations with the Other', Cardiff University (November 2018) - Paper title: Achaemenid Women's voice.

International Medieval Congress, Leeds University (July 2018) - Paper title: Reflection on the perspective of Sasanian past through Islamic sources.

IV edition of the conference of Anthropology and Archeology, Antropologia e Archeologia dell'Amore (May 2017) - Paper title: Khosrow e Shirin, ovvero la rilettura di edifici storici in chiave amorosa.

Annual Student Archaeology Conference, Cambridge University (September 2016) - Paper title: A Sasanid city changing through the ages.


'The evolution of Sasanian Urbanism in Iran after the Arab-Muslim conquest: three cases study'



Eve Macdonald

Eve Macdonald

Senior Lecturer in Ancient History (Study Leave 2022/3)

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