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Laura Barritt

Mrs Laura Barritt



Role responsibilities

My role as Lecturer in Education Development includes supporting the development and delivery of Advance HE-accredited University Education Fellowship Programmes. I develop and deliver a range of workshops across the education programmes that support activities for facilitating effective learning and supporting teaching across the University. My aim is to ensure that professional development in learning and teaching is an ongoing and embedded element for academics at the University and that it is research-based and evidence-based appropriately.

Key work

  • Contribute to the management, planning, design, development and review of module and course content.
  • Work with other teams in the Academy of Learning and Teaching to provide specialist advice, guidance and consultancy to staff teaching and/or support learning to develop and deliver innovative teaching and learning activities.


Pedagogical development, creative learning, co-constructive pedagogy, posthuman pedagogy, education, cross-disciplinary learning and teaching, sustainable education systems along with assessment, moderation and ecological thinking.



  • Barritt, L., (2019) 'Rendering realities: a speculative approach to the life-world of the adolescent artists'. SLSA Conference: Experimental Engagements. Experimental Approaches to Pedagogy Through Art and Literature. Irvine, California.   Metatechnicity Research: Cardiff School of Art and Design: Cardiff Metropolitan University.
  • Barritt, L., (2021) '(Re)Considering Pedagogy – Entangled ontology in a complex age: abstraction pedagogy and the critical pedagogical importance of art education for other discipline areas'. iJADE Conference: Hybrid Spaces: Re-imagining pedagogy, practice and research.  International Journal of Art and Design Education [Online]

Papers and publications

  • Barritt, L., Woodward, M., and Thompson, S., (Due August 2022) 'Connections, Concepts and Cartographies: Re-imagining sustainable education systems through perceptive engagement with children'. EITT.
  • Barritt, L., Woodward, M., and Thompson, S., (2021) '(Re)Considering Pedagogy – Entangled ontology in a complex age: abstraction pedagogy and the critical pedagogical importance of art education for other discipline areas'. iJADE. Available from: 
  • Barritt, L., Popovac, M., Woodward, M., & Thompson, S., (2021) 'A shift in systems: (co-)conceptualising pedagogy in an era of continuous complexity'. The Buckingham Journal of Education. Pedagogy, volume 3. Buckingham University Press, Buckingham. Available from:


My career in HE began in 2015 when I became a PGCE lecturer at the University of Buckingham. Prior to this, I worked as Head of Faculty in secondary schools, as a Team Leader and Moderator for WJEC/EDUQAS across England and Wales in secondary school assessments, and also as a tutor for university outreach programmes for Cardiff Metropolitan University.  I completed MRes in 2018 focusing on adolescent metacognition behaviour through materialisation in arts practice, which led to a cross-disciplinary PhD. My PhD work considers the ongoing co-constructive elements between person-environment relations and how this might affect pedagogical practice, building more effective and sustainable learning systems.

In April 2020, I became Head of Secondary Teacher Training for the University of Buckingham which included a range of PGCE programmes (including Scottish TAR, PGCE with QTS, Independent PGCE and International TAR) as well as supervising master's students on education programmes (MA in Education, MA in Evidence-Based Practice).

First of all, I have a pedagogue who is interested in the symbiotic process of learning and teaching and how that develops understanding, thinking (and growing). As a cross-disciplinary educator and researcher, I am interested in supporting learning across disciplines.