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Shane Burke

Dr Shane Burke

Lecturer in Law

School of Law and Politics

+44 29208 79696
Law Building, Room 1.03, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, CF10 3AX


Shane Burke is a lecturer in intellectual property law at Cardiff University. His research interests generally lie in the area of the intellectual property and the legal regulation of the arts. Current research also explores the relationship between sound and the law. His doctoral research, undertaken at Queen Mary, University of London, was entitled ‘Dematerialisation and Dissonance: Conceptual Art Practices, Art World Strategies and the Role of Copyright Law’. This interdisciplinary study featuring interviews with a range of high profile artists, lawyers and other stakeholders conducted in both London and New York, examines the nature of conceptual art and considers the issues associated with the privileging of ideas over form, judicial strategies for the definition of art, social norms within the artworld and the role of documentation in the artistic process. It is due to be published as a monograph. Recent publications include, Shane Burke, ‘Score, Performance and the Posthumous Conductor’ in Daniel McClean (ed), Artist, Authorship and Legacy: A Reader (Ridinghouse 2018), Shane Burke, ‘Copyright and Conceptual Art’ in Enrico Bonadio and Nicola Lucchi (eds), Non-conventional Copyright (Edward Elgar 2018), Shane Burke, ‘Graffiti, Street Art and Copyright in France’ in Enrico Bonadio (ed), Copyright in Graffiti and Street Art (Cambridge University Press 2019) and Shane Burke, ‘Intellectual Property Law as Artistic Medium’, in Jani McCutcheon and Fiona McGaughey (eds), Research Handbook on Art and Law (Edward Elgar 2020)




  • Burke, S. 2019. Graffiti, street art and copyright in France. In: Bonadio, E. ed. The Cambridge Handbook of Copyright in Street Art and Graffiti. Cambridge Law Handbooks Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 175-187.




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His research interests relate to legal theory and legal regulation of the arts and norms within contemporary artistic movements. He has also published on patent law's interaction with biotechnology. Current research is concerned with copyright and graffiti, copyright as artistic medium and the relationship between sound and the law in the context of both copyright and trademarks. His research generally has a UK/EU and US focus.


Module leader on the CL6309 Intellectual Property undergraduate module.

Module leader on the CLT643 Copyright: Comparative and International Perspectives module on the LLM.

Also teaches EU Competition Law on the CL6301 Law of the European Union undergraduate module.


Shane previously completed an LL.M in Intellectual Property at Queen Mary, where he received the School of Law Prize for first place in the LL.M in Intellectual Property and the Draper's Company Prize for academic achievement from Queen Mary, University of London. He was awarded the Modern Law Review scholarship for two consecutive years during his doctoral studies at Queen Mary. In 2011 was awarded his LL.B at the National University of Ireland Galway achieving a first class honours degree. He was also awarded an M.Sc. in Mutlimedia Systems from Trinity College Dublin in 2003.


Current supervision

Michael Howard

Michael Howard

Research student

Abdulrahman Zimmo

Abdulrahman Zimmo

Research student