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Damian Carney  PhD(Sheffield), Barrister (Inner Temple), LLB(Hons) (London)

Dr Damian Carney

PhD(Sheffield), Barrister (Inner Temple), LLB(Hons) (London)

Senior Lecturer Media Law (Teaching and Research)

School of Journalism, Media and Culture

+44 29225 10078
Two Central Square, Room 1.21, Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS
Available for postgraduate supervision


Dr Carney is Senior Lecturer in Media Law. He previously taught at the universities of Portsmouth, Buckingham and Sheffield. He is a qualified barrister who has published extensively in the area of Media Law and Ethics. He also writes on access to justice issues and whilst at Portsmouth established an Innocence Project, a debt and money advice clinic and a consumer clinic to provide legal advice and support for those who could not afford to pay for it.

He is currently on the editorial board of the British Journal of American Legal Studies, and was formerly case correspondent/legal editor of the Police Journal.















  • Carney, D. and Fine, P. 1998. Negligent hypnosis. New Law Journal 148(6866), pp. 1766-1774.





Book sections




Dr Carney is currently completing a monograph Journalists, Anonymous Sources and the Law: A Theoretical, Comparative and Critical Approach (Routledge 2021) and has written extensively in the area of Media Law and Ethics. He had an article in the first volume of the prestigious Journal of Media Law, and wrote the first academic article on phonehacking (see ‘Self-regulation of unlawful newsgathering techniques’ (2008) 13(3)Communications Law 76-81. Dr Carney has also written articles on environmental law, discrimination and human rights, and access to justice.

Research Interest

Dr Carney is interested in media law, media ethics, media regulation, access to justice and legal literacy. He has a special interest in the law and ethics regarding journalists’ use of anonymous sources,  internal accountability structures within media organisations, and the reporting of criminal trials. He would be interested in research students who wish to engage in comparative research into any area of media law, media ethics or regulation.


Damian teaches Media Law and Ethics across the undergraduate, postgraduate and professional portfolio of courses in JOMEC.


Damian attended the London School of Economics and Political Sciences where he obtained a LLB(Hons). He qualified as a barrister in 1992 and was called to the Bar in 1993. He completed a PhD in environmental law at the University of Sheffield.

He worked in law schools for 20 years, including the universities of Portsmouth, Buckingham and Sheffield.

Professional memberships

  • Inner Temple, non-practising barrister
  • Society of Legal Scholars
  • Association of Law Teachers
  • Clinical Legal Education Organisation


I am interested in supervising students in the following areas:

  • Media Law (including defamation, privacy, court reporting, journalists' sources and contempt)
  • Media Regulation (including the self-regulation of the print media in the UK, broadcast regulation, regulation of the internet, conflicts of interests, accuracy)
  • Media Ethics (both theoretical and practical)
  • Public Legal Education and Access to Justice - looking particularly at how methods can be used to provide information to individuals to assert or know their rights (including the use of LegalTech [including use of apps], Streetlaw, legal literacy amd legal theatre )

I am particularly interested in comparative research in all these areas.


I have been a trustee of Bridgend Citizens Advice since 2019, and am responsible for both research and campaigning. I am also in the process of becoming the Chair of a new charity which operates a Welsh-medium playgroup in Bridgend.

Prior to joining Cardiff, I successful obtained funding to put the Clinical Legal Education Organisation (a body for academics in law schools who provide their students with practical legal experience such as the running of advice centres).