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Katherine Daniels   MSci (Hons), PhD

Dr Katherine Daniels


MSci (Hons), PhD

Lecturer in Sustainable Earth Resources

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

+44 29208 74284
Main Building, Room 2.15C, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT
Available for postgraduate supervision


I am an experienced geologist with a keen interest in understanding dynamical, fluid-driven Earth processes. My research focusses on experimental measurement of low permeability materials that can be used as barriers to flow, and aims to understand under what conditions these materials can be used for waste disposal (e.g. radioactive waste, landfill, carbon dioxide). I am also interested in energy storage within salts because I am passionate about renewable and low carbon energy technologies.

I have worked on underground carbon storage and the interaction between two different fluids in a geological reservoir, studying mixing, the dissolution of carbon dioxide into reservoir brines and the effect of reservoir permeability heterogeneity. I have also worked on heat flow problems and crustal rheology changes as a consequence of dyke injection. Most recently, I have been studying the Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical (THM) behaviour of clays, mudrocks and shales to understand their ability to contain waste products in our subsurface environment. I use experimental methods, computational and analogue modelling of geological phenomena, and apply observations made in the field and the laboratory with those predicted by models.

In addition to my ongoing research activities, I am strongly committed to ethical research practices and good research integrity, and am a member of the School's Research Ethics Committee.














 - The Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical (THM) behaviour of low permeability materials (mudrocks, shales, engineered clays, limestones)

 - High pressure, low volume experimental measurement of material proerties including permeability and swelling pressure development

 - Geo-energy related problems including disposal of waste (landfill, carbon dioxide, radioactive waste) and geological energy storage

 - Fluid flow through geological media, two-phase flow and porous media flow

 - Heat and mass transport, dyke injection processes



I teach in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences on topics related to sustainable earth resources, radioactive waste disposal, energy storage, carbon sequestration and landfill. I lead fieldwork to Rudry Mountain, Pembrokeshire and Cornwall, and I supervise undergraduate mapping projects,


2023 - present: Cardiff University - Lecturer in Sustainable Earth Resources.

2015 - 2022: British Geological Survey - Experimental Research Scientist in the Fluids Processes Group and Transport Properties Research Laboratories. Supervisor: Dr. J. Harrington.

2013 - 2015: Unversity of Cambridge - Postdoctoral Research Associate. Supervisors: Prof. M. Bickle and Prof. J. Neufeld. Modelling the propagation and dissolution of CO2 into reservoir brines: implications for CO2 sequestration. 

2012 - 2013: University of Cambridge - Postdoctoral Research Associate. Supervisor: Dr. N. Vriend. Segregation in snow avalanches. 

2008 - 2013: University of Bristol - PhD in Geology. Supervisors: Prof. R. S. J. Sparks and Dr. T. Menand. Modelling magma transport: a study of dyke injection.

2012: University of Cambridge - Postdoctoral Research Assistant. Supervisors: Prof. H. Huppert, Prof. J. Neufeld and Prof. D. Reiner. The current state of CCS, Ongoing research at the University of Cambridge with application to the UK policy framework.

2011: The Research Service, National Assembly for Wales - NERC Policy Internship. Supervisor: Nia Seaton, Environment and Economy Team.

2004 - 2008: University of Bristol - MSci in Geology (1st class hons.), 2008. Supervisor: Prof. J. Phillips. Columnar jointing in basalt: field observations and laboratory analogue experiments.


  • Geophysical and environmental fluid flows
  • Experimental methods in fluid flow, heat and mass transfer
  • Geological Energy Storage
  • Low Permeability Materials