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Julia Diniz

Julia Diniz


Graduate Tutor

Cardiff Business School

Aberconway Building, Colum Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF10 3EU


I am a PhD candidate in Economics funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

My full CV and ongoing research can be found in my personal website

My PhD project is in collaboration with the Office of Manpower Economics who provides an independent secretariat to the Pay Review Bodies of the British public sector. As such, my thesis is concerned with the gender pay gap among public sector doctors with a focus on changes over time and over the lifecycle. In specific, the thesis investigates how the gender pay gap changes over time and how these changes compare to other highly skilled and paid occupations. In light of a complex pay structure, I also investigate how gender gaps in doctors' pay progression evolve over the lifecycle and the influences of employment transitions on these differences.

My supervisory team are Professor Melanie Jones and Dr Ezgi Kaya.



Work in progress:

  • Trends of the gender pay gap among public sector doctors in the UK
  • The gender pay gap in occupations of the UK public cector
  • Gender differences in wage growth along a doctor's career


Research interests:

  • Applied microeconomics
  • Labour economics
  • Gender economics
  • Microeconometrics


  • Job mobility and maternity.
  • Wage variation across the public and private sector, across firms and within-occupations.
  • Pay centralisation.
  • Gender differences in labour supply.
  • Programme evaluation.


I have been a Graduate Tutor at Cardiff Business School throughout my PhD, where I also gained an Associate Fellowship from the Higher Education Authority in November 2022.

The modules I taught include:

  • 23/24 Microeconomic Analysis for third year students - Professor Indrajit Ray and Dr Tommaso Reggiani

  • 22/23 and 23/24 Microeconomics for first year undergraduate students - Dr Iain Long, Dr Sezer Yasar and Dr Cemil Selcuk

  • 22/23 STATA Support Sessions for Master's students - Dr Tommaso Reggianni

  • 21/22 Labour Economics (micro and macro) for third year undergraduate students - Dr Ezgi Kaya and Dr Panayiotis Pourpurides

  • 20/21 Quantitative methods for Master's students - Dr David Meenagh


Throughout my PhD I have taken up the roles of teaching assistant in different modules and of research assistant in projects close to my research interests. I also had the opportunity to participate in the Labour Economics Summer School at the Barcelona School of Economics in the summer of 2023, where I took courses in wage determination and gender economics. Prior to the PhD, I completed the MSc Economics and MRes Advanced Economics at CARBS, and an MSc Economics at the University of Southampton.


Honours and awards

  • 2020 - Dean’s List Award for outstanding MSc dissertation performance at the University of Southampton
  • 2020 - ESRC '1+1+2' Studentship, 2020 – 2024
  • 2022 - HEA Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)

Professional memberships

I have professional affiliations with the following organisations:

Speaking engagements

I have presented in the following conferences:

  • ESRC Capabilities and Careers Conference 2022: Methods for Critical Social Science, Online
  • Welsh Postgraduate Research Conference 2022: Poster Presentation
  • Welsh Postgraduate Research Conference 2023

Research themes


  • Labour economics