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Andre Du Plooy

Mr Andre Du Plooy

Digital Education Partner


Role responsibilities

I am an iAct accredited manager and work within Cardiff Academy of Learning and Teaching as a digital education partner for ARCHI and EARTH. As a member of the Academy team I work with schools to support and develop their staff as they adopt and use learning technologies, promote good pedagogical practice and develop learning / teaching / assessment strategies.

Key work/Specialties

  • Apart from my partner responsibilities, I lead on a couple of projects of particular interest to me:
    Exploring the use of XApi for monitoring and evaluating student activity in Xerte projects
  • Review of Wacom one graphics tablet.

I also support Cardiff University's staff resource project.

My specialties focus on digital technologies and how they contribute to sound pedagogical practice. I am very familiar with implementing hybrid solutions and have extensive experience in adopting and implementing new learning technologies at the organizational level.


  • Banteli, A., Du Plooy, A. and O'Dwyer, S., 2017. Collaborative Learning: Developing a Framework for the Integration of Online Collaborative Learning Tools. EDULEARN17 Proceedings, 1, pp.1066-1076.
  • Banteli, A., O'Dwyer, S. and Du Plooy, A., 2018. E-portfolio application for student reflection and engagement in three case studies in an Architecture School in the United Kingdom. In Edulearn 18. 10th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technology:(Palma, 2nd-4th of July, 2018). Conference proceedings (pp. 1179-1188). IATED Academy.


I have a very broad professional portfolio spanning about 27 years. After starting my career in advertising and marketing, I quickly discovered that I had a natural inclination to develop educational solutions. This required a high level of enterprise and innovation in the 90s and early 00s, something I still enjoy and practice to this day. Having been with Cardiff University for ten years now, I have learned to evaluate projects with a heavy emphasis on good pedagogical practice and quality of implementation, while keeping an eye on scalability and wider adoption potential. I am keenly interested in the human interface – computing and exploring interaction through conventional (keyboard/mouse) and more inventive methods (voice, hand tracking, AR/VR)