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Briony Goffin

Miss Briony Goffin

Creative writing tutor


Briony is a writer, teacher and mentor. She has published widely on the art of teaching creative writing & supporting the student writer to fulfil their creative potential. In 2012, she was awarded Inspirational Tutor of the Year by NIACE Dysgu Cymru. In 2014, Briony spoke on the subject of Writing as Tribute to a global audience for TEDxCardiff. Briony is a Professional Member of LAPIDUS & The National Association of Writers in Education.


I have published widely on the art of teaching creative writing and supporting the emergent writer/student to fulfil their creative potential. I am a specialist in facilitating workshops for vulnerable or marginalised adults, particularly individuals with mental health problems.

I am currently involved in a 3-year project that aims to enable individuals, through workshops and one-to-one meetings, to write their first-hand experiences of Whitchurch Hospital in Cardiff.

My own writing takes the form of the lyrical essay, which laces together autobiographical fragments, theories and reflections on the moments and encounters that shape our world.

I also have a keen interest in interdisciplinary relations between creative writing and other art forms, particularly the photographic and conceptual arts.

My current creative output examines the processes and consequences of collaborative relationships between artists and addresses the possibilities and difficulties of multi-media expression.