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Ada Huggett-Fieldhouse   BA (Hons), PGCE, MEP, FHEA

Ms Ada Huggett-Fieldhouse



Senior Education Developer


Role responsibilities

Alongside the rest of my team, I am designing and leading the new Education Development Service, which will aim to provide wraparound, end-to-end support for new programmes and for redesign for existing programmes, as well as providing support for bespoke needs.

I will be working to ensure that all elements of the Academy are represented in our design-led support work with academic staff, to ensure we make the most of the expertise across the institutiom when identifying and encouraging excellent teaching practice.

Creating a toolkit that guides staff through the design process, from conceptualisation, assessment design, and curriculum design, then down to the details of learning design is a key objective for me. I am hoping this resource will begin to capture some of the tacit knowledge we hold in the University about how things are done as well as weaving in inspiration from a rich range of external sources. We are planning for the toolkit to be dialogic and iterative too: with case studies and lessons learnt from those who have used it becoming part of the fabric of the toolkit. My personal wish for the toolkit is that it is so supportive and straightforward that it frees up thinking space for staff, allowing them to be creative and purposeful in their design.

I am a firm believer in getting stuck in and I see the intersectional nature of my role as a good excuse to get involved in as many discussions around learning and teaching as I can.

Key work/specialisms

Active Learning
Blended and Flipped Learning
Learning Analytics
Learning Design


Before I took on my current role, I have worked as a Learning Designer and Developer in Digital Education teams. I particularly enjoyed looking at how staff can design asynchronous sessions to make the most of on campus time.

I am a former ENCAP student and was awarded the Dell Hymes Prize for Excellence in Sociolinguistics when I completed my undergraduate degree. Linguistics is a passion of mine and I have been fortunate enough to teach several modules in Cardiff University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning (LEARN).

I was a secondary Teacher of English and completed my Masters in Educational Practice whilst teaching. It was here that I developed an interest in scholarship of teaching and learning.

On a more personal note, what gets me fired up is seeing learning come to life in the classroom (and other spaces!). I love listening to teachers reflecting on their learning and find it is a privilege to create space for busy practitioners to have the chance to think. I enjoy being a sounding board and am partial to a cup of tea and a walk in the fresh air to generate inspiration.