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Kara Johnson

Miss Kara Johnson

Administration Officer


Administrative Officer – Supporting all aspects of Cardiff University's Education Fellowship Programmes


While studying for a BA (Hons) in Documentary Film and Television, I set up a dog protection service, which I had a lot of fun (mostly) running. After graduating, I fulfilled a variety of roles in higher education and public sector institutions, discovering that I was interested in project management and process improvement.  

I joined Cardiff University in the autumn of 2019 to work for the School of Healthcare Sciences Work Placement Team. As part of that job, I was arranging work placements for students in the NHS and with private providers. That job was quite challenging, especially during the pandemic, when colleagues and students went the extra mile. Work settings were constantly changing, highlighting the importance of collaboration and how much I enjoy working in a team and solving problems.

I then joined the Academy of Learning and Teaching in April 2022, supporting Cardiff University's Education Fellowship Programmes and enjoyed working closely with colleagues in the Education Fellowships Team.

Outside of work, my dog, Lita (who came to us after she was rescued), demands most of my time. He joined the family during lockdown, and has been in company with half since!