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Derek Jones  MBE

Professor Derek Jones



Professor, Director of CUBRIC

School of Psychology

+44 29208 79412
Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, Maindy Road, Cardiff, CF24 4HQ
Available for postgraduate supervision


CUBRIC's core mission is to advance brain imaging techniques to enhance our understanding of brain structure and function in health and disease. As the Director, I provide strategic guidance to the centre's pursuits.

My own research centres on optimizing non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging to extract quantitative insights into brain structure, in health (including in development and ageing), and in disease (including a range of neurological, psychiatric and oncological conditions).


You may find the piece linked here useful in understanding what I do.


My recent work, predominantly in diffusion MRI, has focused on two extremes:

1. Exploiting ultra-strong imaging gradients

We're pushing the limits of tissue microstructural characterisation in white and grey matter using the Siemens Connectom scanner.  The picture below shows my own brain (a still from the BBC news item here).


2. Developing diffusion MRI at low field

Working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Hyperfine, our group is developing the ability to reconstruct white matter pathways on low cost, ultra-portable machines.   The picture below shows reconstruction of language pathways at 64 mT.

This latter work aligns with my passion for democratising access to MRI in its broadest sense. 

Beyond diffusion MRI, we're broadening our toolkit to encompass multi-component relaxometry and quantitative magnetisation transfer imaging, aiming for a comprehensive characterization of white matter.






























Book sections





Research topics and related papers

Exploitation of ultra-strong gradient (300 mT/m) MRI for diffusion MRI

Optimal design of MR acquisition schemes for quantitative assessment of tissue microstructure in white and grey matter

Applications of tissue microstructural imaging in typical and atypical neurodevelopment, ageing, and disease

Democratising MRI, including the development of diffusion MRI at low field (64 mT).

Combination of rapid relaxometric measurements with diffusion imaging data.

Integration of white matter structural assessment with other modalities (MEG, TMS, FMRI)



Current Live Grants

1.     Title: ​​​​​​​“Diffusion-relaxometry in prostate using ultra-strong gradients”; Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator: Jones DK; Co-Investigator: Palombo,Tax C, Start Date: October 2023; Duration: 36 months; Agency: Siemens Healthcare Ltd; Budget: £ 55,000; Time per week = 1 hour

2.     Title: "Upgrading Our View of Growing Older: Mapping Brain Changes Across The Lifespan With Ultra High Field Multi-Spectral MRI" Type: Equipment Grant; Principal Investigator: Cercignani M; Co-Investigators: Jones DK, Murphy K, Germuska M, Kopanoglu E, Evans CJ, Gallichan D, Turner R; Start Date: Aug 2023; Duration: 12 months; Funder: BBSRC; Budget: £860,000; Time per week = 1.75 hour

3.     Title: Probing the Tissue Microenvironment In Vivo” Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator: Jones DK. Start Date: Jul 2023; Duration: 48 months; Funder: GlaxoSmithKline; Budget: £131, 291; Time per week = 1 hour

4.     Title: ​​​​​​​“MRI Neurocam - Equipment”Type: Research Infrastructure Fund; Principal Investigator: Jones DK; Co-Investigators: Beltrachini L, Cercignani M, Evans J, Engel M, Gallichan D, Hiscox L, Metzler C, Palombo M, Slator P; Start date: May 2023; Duration: 18 months; Agency: Cardiff University; Budget: £446,115. 

5.     Title: Making the Invisible Visible: A Multi-Scale Imaging Approach to Detect and Characterise Cortical Pathology” Principal Investigator: Jones DK; Co-Investigators: Alexander D, Gray WP, Palombo M, Schneider JE, Ma D, Griswold M, Thompson R, Hamandi K; Start Date: Jan 2023; Duration: 24 months; Agency: MRC; Budget: £ 1, 200, 000; Time per week = 2 hour

6.     Title: (LMICI-2) Low-field MR for Infant Cerebral Imaging - HIC sites” Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator: Jones DK. Start Date: October 2022; Duration: 42 months; Funder: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Budget: £173, 565; Time per week = 2 hour

7.     Title: “Advanced Microstructure Characterisation of the Prostate with Ultra-Strong Gradient MRI”; Type: Pump Priming Grant; Principal Investigator: Foley K; Co-Investigators: Tax C, Kynaston, Jones DK; Start Date: Mar 2022; Duration: 24 months; Agency: Cancer Research Wales; Budget: £ 25,000; Time per week = 1 hour

8.     Title: Advanced Microstructure Characterisation of the Prostate with Ultra-Strong Gradient MRI”; Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator: Foley K; Co-Investigators: Tax C, Kynaston, Jones DK; Start Date: Mar 2022; Duration: 18 months; Agency: Royal College of Radiologists; Budget: £10,000; Time per week = 1 hour

9.     Title: ​​​​​​​“A multi-scale approach to characterizing developing executive functions” Principal Investigator: Donald KA; Co-Investigators: Amso D, Fifer WP, Jones DK, Gladstone M, Klepac-Ceraj V, Williams S, Alexander D, Gabard-Durnam L. Start Date: July 2021; Duration: 36 months; Agency: Wellcome LEAP; Time per week = 2 hours

10.  Title: Probing the tumour microenvironment in vivo”; Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator: Jones DK. Start Date: Jan 2021; Duration: 48 months; Agency: GlaxoSmithKline; Budget: £122,941; Time per week = 1 hour

11.  Title: A data-driven approach to efficient and comprehensive assessment of tissue microstructure with multi-contrast MRI”; Type: Fellowship; Principal Investigator: Tax C; Co- Investigator: Jones DK. Start Date: November 2019; Duration: 70 months; Agency: Wellcome; Budget: £300,000; Time per week = 1 hour

Completed Grants

12.  Title: “The Medical Imaging Data Centre (MIDaC): market research study 2”Type: Impact award; Principal investigator: Beltrachini L; Co-Investigators: Murphy K, Jones DK, Griffin MJ, Fairhurst S, Cercignani M; Start Date: Oct 2022; Duration: 5 months; Agency: Wellcome Trust ISSF (through Cardiff University); Budget: £10,000. 

13.  Title: “The Medical Imaging Data Centre (MIDaC): organisational, operational, business, and data management plans”; Type: Impact Acceleration Award; Principal investigator: Beltrachini L; Co-Investigators: MacLeod D, Murphy K, Jones DK, Griffin MJ, Fairhurst S, Cercignani M; Start Date: Oct 2022; Duration: 6 months; Agency: STFC (through Cardiff University); Budget: £30,476.

14.  Title: “The Medical Imaging Data Centre (MIDaC):  Market research study”; Type: Impact Acceleration Award; Principal investigator: Beltrachini L; Co-Investigators: Murphy K, Gholam J, Jones DK, Griffin MJ; Start Date: Mar 2021; Duration: 4 months; Agency: STFC (through Cardiff University); Budget: £5,000. 

15.  Title: ​​​​​​​“Statistical reconstruction of histology data based on magnetic resonance imaging (HistoStat)”; Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator: Beltrachini L; Co-Investigator: Jones DK; Start Date: May 2020; Duration: 18 months; Agency: BBSRC; Budget: £186,938

16.  Title: “Microstructural Imaging Sharing Protocol (MISP)”; Type: Impact Acceleration Account; Principal Investigator: Beltrachini L; Co-Investigators: Papageorgiou A, Griffin MJ, Hargrave P, Aja-Fernandez S, Jones DK; Start Date:  Sep 2019; Duration: 6 months; Agency: STFC (through Cardiff University); Budget: £95,763.

17.  Title: ​​​​​​​“Image Clarity for a multi-site collection of MRI data aimed at linking brain imaging markers with biofluid markers (Protocol and Imaging Manual drafting and review)”; Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator: Jones DK; Co-Investigators: Wise RG, Evans CJ, Rosser AE. Start Date: July 2019; Duration: 9 months; Agency: Cure Huntington’s Disease Initiative (CHDI) Foundation; Budget: £ 20,329

18.  Title: ​​​​​​​“Water Exchange in the Vasculature of the Brain (WEX-BRAIN)”; Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator: Jones DK; Start Date: May 2019; Duration: 36 months; Agency: EPSRC; Budget: £105,952

19.  Title: Mapping Neurodevelopmental Trajectories for Adult Psychiatric Disorder: ALSPAC-MRIII”; Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator: David AS; Co-Investigators: Lewis G, Jones DK, Zammit S, Bulmore E, Reichenberg A, Boyd A, Kempton M, de Stavolo B; Start Date: October 2018; Duration: 48 months (currently extended to Dec 2023); Agency: MRC; Budget: £ 2,202,184

20.  Title: “Microstructural Imaging Data Centre (MIDaC)”Type: Impact grant; Principal investigator: Beltrachini L and Griffin M; Co-Investigators: Murphy K, Jones DK, Hargrave P, Evans J, Charron C, Papageorgiou A; Start date: Oct 2018; Duration: 5 months; Agency: STFC (Opportunities call; ST/S00209X/1); Budget: £91,655. 

21.  Title: ​​​​​​​“A device for delivering stem cell therapies to the human brain”; Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator: Gray WP; Co-Investigators: Rosser A, Jones DK, Busse M; Start Date: May 2017; Duration: 11 months; Agency: Welsh Government; Budget: £74, 812

22.  Title: ​​​​​​​“Multi-Scale and Multi-Modal Assessment of Coupling in the Healthy and Diseased Brain”: Type: Strategic Award; Principal Investigator: Jones DK; Co-Investigators: Assaf Y, Chambers C, Graham KS, Jezzard P, Linden D, Morris PG, Nutt D, Singh KD, Sumner P, Wise RG. Start Date: July 2016; Duration: 60 months (extended to June 2023); Agency: Wellcome Trust; Budget: £4,900,000 

23.  Title: Brain Repair And Intracranial Neurotherapeutics – the Wales BRAIN Unit - Renewal”; Type: NISCHR Unit; Principal Investigator: Gray WG; Co-Investigators: Morgan P, Busse-Morris M, Peall K, Li M, Rosser A, Barde Y, Crunelli V, Jones DK, Lane E. Start Date: April 2018; Duration: 36 months; Agency: NISCHR;Budget: £727,000; Time per week = 1 hour;

24.  Title: “Characterising brain network differences during scene perception and memory in APOE-e4 carriers: multi-modal imaging in ALSPAC”; Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator:  Graham KS; Co-Investigators: Lawrence AD, Jones DK, Wise RG, Kordas K, Zhang J, Mackay CM, Filippini, N, Saksida LM; Start Date: October 2016; Duration: 48 months; Agency: MRC; Budget: £1,756,395

25.  Title: “The UK7T Network: developing the ultra-high field MRI platform for biomedical research” Type: Research Grant; Principal Investigator:  Bowtell R; Co-Investigators: Miller K, Carpenter T, Rowe J, Williams G, Wise RG, Jones DK, Linden D, Muir K, Goense J, Muckli L, Francis S, Glover P, Gowland P, Morris P, Bajaj N, Clare S, Jezzard P. Start Date: 01/01/16; Duration: 36 months; Agency: MRC; Budget: £1,309,733

26.  Title: “Expansion and Relocation of CUBRIC’”; Type:  Structure Funds; Principal Investigator:  Jones DK; Start Date: 01/08/15; Duration: 72 months; Agency: Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO); Budget: £4,578,475

27.  Title: “Computational modelling and prediction of brain shift to improve surgical navigation”; Type: Industrial CASE Studentship; Start Date: 01/10/15; Duration: 36 months; Agency: EPSRC / Renishaw; Budget: £53,780

28.  Title: “A detailed clinical-radiological correlation of disability in Multiple Sclerosis”; Type: Wellcome Trust ISSF Seedcorn Grant; Principal Investigator: Jones DK; Co-Investigators: Roberston N, Tallantyre E. Start Date: August 2015; Duration: 12 months; Agency: Wellcome Trust; Budget: £39,000

29.  Title: “Hardware for Brain Games”; Type: Wellcome Trust ISSF Public Engagement Grant; Principal Investigator: Jones DK; Agency: Wellcome Trust; Budget: £5,810

30.  Title: Brain Repair And Intracranial Neurotherapeutics – the Wales BRAIN Unit”; Type: NISCHR Unit; Principal Investigator: Gray WG; Co-Investigators: Barde Y, Busse M, Clare L, Crunelli V, Dunnet SB, Edwards RT, Eslambolchilar P, Hamandi K, Hood K, Jones DK, Kerr M, Morgan BP, Palazon A, Pilz DT, Rees MI, Robertson N, Rosser A, Wardle M. Start Date: April 2015; Duration: 36 months; Agency: NISCHR; Budget: £1,499,910

31.  Title:“OCEAN: One-stop-shop microstructure-sensitive perfusion/diffusion MRI: Application to vascular cognitive impairment”; Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator:  Frangi A; Co-Investigators: Ince P, Taylor Z, Wilkinson I, Venneri A, Parker G, Jones DK, Highley R, Kennerley A, Beltrachini L; Start Date: 01/01/15; Duration: 36 months; Agency: EPSRC; Budget: £1,768,525

32.  Title: “Ultra-high field MRI: Advancing clinical neuroscientific research in experimental medicine”; Type: Clinical Infrastructure Grant; Principal Investigator: Wise RG; Co-Investigators: Jones DK, Singh KD, Linden D, Graham KS. Start Date: July 2016; Duration: 60 months; Agency: MRC; Budget: £6,700,929

33.  Title: Microstructural Imaging Suite”: Type: Grant; Principal Investigator:  Singh PI; Co-Investigators: Jones DK, Wise RG, Linden D, Graham KS, Chambers C, Sumner P. Start Date: July 2014; Duration: 60 months; Agency: Wolfson Foundation; Budget: £1,000,000. Prof K Singh, Prof D Jones, Prof R Wise,

34.  Title: National Facility for In Vivo MR Imaging of Human Tissue Microstructure”: Type: Strategic Equipment Award; Principal Investigator:  Jones DK; Co-Investigators:  Alexander DC, Bowtell R, Cercignani M, Dell’Acqua F, Parker GP, Singh KD, Wise RG, Miller KL. Start Date: July 2014; Duration: 60 months; Agency: EPSRC; Budget: £3,000,000

35.  Title: Does Fluoxetine restore spatial learning and memory deficits in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy?” Type: Project Grant. Principal Investigator: Gray W; Co-Investigators: Jones DK, Hamandi K; Start Date: March 2015; Duration: 24 months; Agency: Epilepsy Research UK; Budget: £148,522

36.  Title: Predicting the Individual’s Potential for Functional recovery in Multiple Sclerosis: a novel clinical and Neuroimaging strategy”: Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator:  Tomassini V; Co-Investigators:  Jones DK, Robertson N Start Date: October 2013; Duration: 36 months; Agency: The MS Society; Budget: £263, 362

37.  Title: DEFINE - Defining Endophenotypes from Integrated Neurosciences”: Type: Strategic Award; Principal Investigator:  Owen MJ; Co-Investigators:  Harwood AJ, Linden D, Hall J, Jones DK, Li M, Aggleton JP; Start Date: July 2013; Duration: 60 months; Agency: The Wellcome Trust; Budget: £5,404, 683

38.  Title: Redefining Brain Network Analyses: From Macro to Micro and Hours to Minutes”: Type: International Exchange Programme; Principal Investigator:  Jones DK; Co-Investigators:  Chao Y-P; Start Date: January 2013; Duration: 24 months; Agency: The Royal Society / Taiwanese Science Council; Budget: £24,000

39.  Title: Dedicated Computing Infrastructure for CUBRIC”: Type: Wellcome Trust Multi-User Equipment Grant; Principal Investigator:  Jones DK; Co-Investigators:  Singh KD, Wise RG; Start Date: July 2012; Duration: 60 months; Agency: The Wellcome Trust; Budget: £644,000

40.  Title: Behavioural and neurophysiological effects of schizophrenia risk genes: a multi-locus, pathway-based approach”: Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator:  Linden D; Co-Investigators:  O’Donovan M, Owen, Holmans P, Pocklington A, Zammit S, Hall J, Singh KD, Jones DK, Davey-Smith G; Start Date: 2013; Duration: 36 months; Agency: The Medical Research Council; Budget: £795,641

41.  Title: “Tractometry”: Type: Wellcome Trust New Investigator Award; Principal Investigator:  Jones DK; Start Date: May 2012; Duration: 84 months; Agency: The Wellcome Trust; Budget: £1,700,000

42.  Title: “Structural brain correlates of an operationally defined high-risk phenotype for schizophrenia: a population-based study”: Type: Project Grant; Principal Investigator:  David A; Co-Investigators: Blair P, Jones DK, Jones PB, Lewis G, McGuire P, Reichenberg A, Zammit S. Start Date: 01/04/10; Duration: 36 months; Agency: Medical Research Council, UK; Budget: £1,090,153

43.  Title: “Advanced neuroimaging in BECCTS”; Type:  Project Grant; Principal Investigator: Jones DK; Co-Investigators: Singh K, Wise RG, McGonigle DM, Muthukumaraswamy S; Start Date: 01/12/09; Duration: 24 months; Agency: The Waterloo Foundation; Budget: £110, 000.      

44.  Title: “Integrated Brain Imaging and Stimulation Project (IBIS)”: Type:  Collaborative Industrial Research Project (CIRP); Principal Investigator:  Chambers C; Co-Investigators: Singh K, Jones DK, Wise RG, Jiles D; Start Date: 01/01/2010; Duration: 36 months; Agency: Welsh Assembly Government; Budget: £349,885.          

45.  Title: “Characterizing the functional and anatomical integrity of visual attention-related processing in Alzheimer's disease and vascular cognitive impairment using magnetoencephalography (MEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) techniques”: Type:  Project Grant; Principal Investigator:  Tales A; Co-Investigators: Bayer T, Singh K, Jones DK, O’Sullivan M; Start Date: 1/10/10; Duration:  24 months (no cost extension to 31/12/13); Agency: BRACE; Budget: £164, 702

46.  Title: “The role of white matter microstructure in normal cognition”: Type:  Project Grant; Principal Investigator:  Jones DK; Co-Investigator: Assaf Y; Start Date: 01/11/09; Duration:  12 months; Agency:The British Council; Budget: £29,951

47.  Title: “Cerebral small vessel disease, blunted perfusion responses and adaptation to early Alzheimer’s disease’: Type: Pilot Grant; Principal Investigator: O’Sullivan M; Co-Investigators: Wise, RG, Bayer A, Jones DK; Duration: 18 months; Start Date: 01/08/09; Agency: Alzheimer’s Research Trust, UK; Budget: £26,950

48.  Title: “CONNECT: Consortium Of Neuroimagers for Non-Invasive Exploration of Connectivity and Tracts”: Type: FP7 - FET Grant; Duration: 24 months; Start Date: 01/10/09; Agency: The European Council, FP7, UK; Budget: Î2,500,000.

49.  Title: “Imaging the Maternal Brain Following Pregnancy”: Type: Pilot Grant; Principal Investigator: Jones DK. Duration: 12 months; Start Date: 01/08/08; Agency: The Waterloo Foundation, UK; Budget: £29,012

50.  Title: “Cerebral Mechanisms Underlying Cognitive Dysfunction in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” (WT083477AIA): Type: Project Grant. Principal Investigator: Goldstein L. Co-Investigators: Jones DK, Landau S, Catani M, Leigh PN, Williams SCR; Start: 01/03/08; Duration: 36 months; Agency: Wellcome Trust, UK; Budget: £212,246

51.  Title: “The Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Brain Development and Social Function: a Twin Study of Autistic Spectrum Disorder”: Type: Pilot Research Study: Principal Investigator: DGM Murphy; Co-Investigators: DK Jones, ET Bullmore, FG Happé, FV Rijsdijk, PF Bolton, M Catani, S Baron-Cohen, S Curran, SCR Williams; Start: 01/03/06; Duration: 24 months; Agency: Autism Speaks; Budget: £60,000.

52.  Title: “Brain Anatomy and Connectivity: an Endophenotype in Autism Spectrum Disorders”: Type: Pilot Research Study: Principal Investigator: DGM Murphy; Co-Investigators: DK Jones DK, ET Bullmore, FG Happé, FV Rijsdijk,  PF Bolton, M Catani, S Baron-Cohen, S Curran, SCR Williams; Start: 10/02/06; Duration: 24 months; Agency: Cure Autism Now Foundation (now merged with Autism Speaks, with head office here:  Autism Speaks, 2 Park Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016, USA); Budget: $120,000.

53.  Title: Brain Anatomy in Autism; a Multi-Centre Study” (G0400061): Type: Strategic Grant: Principal Investigator: DGM Murphy; Co-Investigators: S Baron-Cohen, PF Bolton, M Brammer, E Bullmore, S Curran, FG Happé, P Jezzard, DK Jones, SCR Williams; Start: 01/06/05; Duration: 48 months; Agency:Medical Research Council, UK; Budget: £641,000.

54.  Title: Imaging the Deaf Brain: Functional and Structural Studies Using MRI” (GR068607MA) Type: Project Grant. Principal Investigator: R Campbell. Co-Investigators: B Woll, MJ Brammer, AS David, M McSweeney, DK Jones; Start: 01/03/04; Duration: 36 months; Agency: Wellcome Trust, UK; Budget: £422,000.

55.  Title: Toward Robust Statistical Comparisons of White Matter Tracts in the Human Brain” (067437/Z/02/A): Type: Advanced Training Fellowship. Principal Investigator: DK Jones; Start: 01/08/03; Duration: 36 months; Agency: Wellcome Trust, UK; Budget: £290,000.



Undergraduate education

1993:  B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics, (First Class). University of Nottingham, UK


Postgraduate education

1995:  M.Sc. in Medical Physics. University of Leeds, UK

1995: Post Graduate Diploma of the Institute of Physical Sciences in Medicine

1998: Ph.D., "Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Human Central Nervous System", University of Leicester, UK

Honours and awards

• 2019 Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for “services to medical imaging and the promotion of engagement in science.”

• 2019 James Bull Medal, British Society of Neuroradiologists.

• 2014 Editor’s Choice Award, Human Brain Mapping, for ‘Investigating the prevalence of complex fiber configurations in white matter tissue with diffusion MRI’ Human Brain Mapping 34:2747-2766 (2013)

• Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, 2013.

• Fellow of the ISMRM, 2012.

• ISMRM Outstanding Teacher Award, 2012.

• ISMRM Outstanding Teacher Award, 2011. (note: no award made in 2010)

• ISMRM Outstanding Teacher Award, 2009.

• ISMRM Outstanding Teacher Award, 2008.

• ISMRM Outstanding Teacher Award, 2007.

• ISMRM Art and Artefacts Award, 3rd place, 2007.

• ISMRM Outstanding Teacher Award, 2006.

• ISMRM Outstanding Teacher Award, 2005.

• Finalist in the ISMRM Young Investigator Awards (3 scientists in final), 2004.

• Fellows Award for Research Excellence (FARE), National Institutes of Health, 2003.

Professional memberships

  • International Society for Magnetic Resoannce in Medicine (1996- present)

Academic positions

2006 - present: Full Professor and Director of MRI, CUBRIC, Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, School of Psychology, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.

2003 – 2006: Senior Lecturer and Wellcome Advanced Fellow, Neuroimaging Research Dept., Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, UK

2002 – 2004: Visiting Research Fellow, National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

2001 – 2002: Research Physicist, Neuroimaging Research Dept., Kings College, London, UK

1999 – 2001: Research Worker, Old Age Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK

1995 – 1998: Research Assistant, Medical Physics Department, University of Leicester, UK

1993 – 1995: Medical Physicist, Division of Medical Physics, Leicester Royal Infirmary, UK

Committees and reviewing

Editorial Boards – International Journals
• Editorial Board, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2016-2020
• Deputy Editor, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2010 – 2016
• Editorial Board, Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine, 2009-
• Editorial Board, NeuroImage, 2005-2008.
International Committees / Bodies
• President, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2022
• Vice President, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2022
• Member, Australian National Imaging Facility Panel of International Scientific Reviewers, 2021-
• External consultant / Member of External Advisory Committee for Connectom 2.0 project, 2019-
• Member of ISMRM Awards Committee, 2019-
• Member of Siemens MR Executive Circle, 2014-
• Chair of ISMRM Annual Scientific Meeting, 2013-2014.
• Chair of ISMRM Education, 2012-2013.
• Expert Panel, European Commission (for FP7 grant applications), June 2011.
• Board of Trustees, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), 2008– 
• Chair of International Diffusion/Perfusion Study Group, 2008-2009
• Executive Board of International White Matter Study Group 2008-
• Chair of Publications Committee, ISMRM, 2010 – 
• Chair of Audit Committee, ISMRM, 2008 – 
• Educational Coordinator for Diffusion, Perfusion and FMRI, ISMRM 2006-2008.
• ISMRM Scientific Program and Education Committee, 2005-2008.
• Chair of International Diffusion/Perfusion Study Group, 2005-2006 
• ISMRM Study Group Review Committee, 2005-2007.
• Scientific Review Panel for ISMRM, 2002-
• ISMRM Teaching Faculty, 2002- 
National Funding Committees
• Wellcome Trust Research Enrichment Public Engagement Committee 2018 - 
• Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellowship Interview Committee 2016 - Dec 2020
• Wellcome Trust Expert Review Group (Cognitive Neuroscience and Mental Health) 2011- 2015
• Wellcome Trust Neuroscience and Mental Health Board Funding Committee 2008 – 2011
• EPSRC Peer Review College Member, 2003 –
National Bodies
• Member of MRC Portfolio Review Committee, 2020.
• Committee of the British Chapter of the ISMRM, 2008 – 2019.
• Committee member for post-Weatherall review of non-human primate use (commissioned by Wellcome Trust, MRC, BBSRC, NC3Rs)
• Originator / Co-ordinator of UK Diffusion Methods Interest Group, 2008-.
International Conference Organisation / Contribution
• Chair of Organizing Committee, ‘A Spin Through the History of Restricted Diffusion MRI’, Cardiff, UK, 2017.
• Chair of Organizing Committee, ESMRMB Lectures on Diffusion Imaging, Cardiff, UK, 2008. 
• Education Co-ordinator, Annual Scientific Meeting of the ISMRM, Toronto, 2008 
• Organizer of ISMRM 2006 Weekend Educational Course on Diffusion/Perfusion MRI.
• Organizing committee for ISMRM workshop on ‘Quantitative Diffusion MRI in the Human Brain’, Chateau Lake Louise, Banff, Canada, March 2005.
• Co-organizer of Bi-National Workshop on “MRI of Brain Connectivity and Microstructure”, Israel (funded by Office of Science and Technology and Israeli Ministry of Science)



Postgraduate research interests

My research is focussed on imaging of brain structure both at the macro- and  micro-structural level. I am interested in how we may predict brain function from quantitative assessment of brain structure, particularly of the white matter which forms the connections between different brain regions. Without a  detailed understanding of the connections and connectivity of the brain, we cannot fully understand how the brain functions. Yet this is an area largely overlooked in cognitive neuroscience. My research looks to fill these gaps in our knowledge. I employ a range of techniques including diffusion tensor imaging, relaxometry, volumetry and magnetization transfer imaging and combine these measures with assessment of brain function using both traditional cognitive tests and state-of-the-art neuroimaging methods to assess brain function, including functional MRI, magnetoencephalography (MEG) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

Opportunities for research cover all parts of the spectrum from basic methods development (suited to the more technically oriented), through to pure   applications-driven research applying these methods to the study of the healthy and diseased brain.

If you are interested in applying for a PhD, or for further information regarding my postgraduate research, please contact me directly (contact details available on the 'Overview' page), or submit a formal application.