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Alyson Lewis  SFHEA

Dr Alyson Lewis





Role responsibilities

As Lecturer in Education Development I support the development and delivery of the University’s Education Fellowship Programmes accredited by Advance-HE. I deliver various workshops that support activities for learning and teaching staff across the University. My aim is to ensure that continuing professional development in academic development at the University is appropriately research-informed and evidence-based.

Key work/specialisms

  • Launchpad Lead (one-day workshop) for those new to teaching and supporting learning in HE.
  • Participant-Staff forum Chair for the Education Fellowship programmes.
  • World Cafe and Teaching Clinic Lead 
  • Work with other teams within the Learning and Teaching Academy to provide expert advice, guidance and consultancy for staff who teach and/or support learning in order to develop and deliver innovative teaching and learning activities.
  • Member of the transnational education (TNE) hub community


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My career in education started in 2001 having trained as a primary school teacher specialising in early years (3-to-5 year olds).  Since then I have worked in a range of sectors including early years and primary education, forest school, and further education where I delivered foundation degrees and a top-up degree relating to education, learning and development.

On finishing my PhD in 2015 which explored well-being in the early years curriculum I  joined Bath Spa University (BSU) as a lecturer. The role at BSU involved being course leader for the undergraduate early childhood studies degree, postgraduate tutor for higher education practice and link tutor for collaborative provision at two further education colleges. While at BSU I also developed and delivered a transnational education (TNE) programme (flying faculty model) to students in Hunan, China.

In 2020, I decided to focus on developing my skills as a researcher and joined the Government Social Research (GSR) profession and worked in the social justice research team at Welsh Government before joining Cardiff University in May 2022. My main interests are cross-cultural and collaborative learning and teaching provision, play and playfulness in higher education pedagogy and well-being.