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Jordan Lloyd

Mr Jordan Lloyd

Learning Technologist


Role responsibilities

As a Learning Technology Assistant, my role is incredibly diverse. I work mainly for the support hub as part of the Digital Education Team at Cardiff Academy of Learning and Teaching, offering support and guidance on the use of learning technology systems to colleagues across all University Colleges, Schools and Professional Services. Furthermore, I work with colleagues at the academy and across the university, implementing and supporting a range of learning projects/initiatives through technology designed to improve the students' learning experience.

Key work/Specialties

  • On a day-to-day basis I provide support and support for people to resolve issues relating to digital education and related platforms
  • In collaboration with other colleagues in the Digital Education Team, I perform a range of duties relating to maintaining online resources for academic staff and students involved in digital education
  • I provide support to academic and professional services staff in Schools and Colleges to develop their expertise in combined and online education
  • I support the department with technology supported learning initiatives and project work
  • Using HTML and CSS to create advanced XERTE resources
  • Specialist knowledge in GEOPL and ARCHI Software including SketchUp Pro, ArcGIS, DigiMaps and Adobe Suite. I run workshops with students and drop-in sessions to offer technical support on these packages.
  • Create high quality resources, guides and online materials that are accessible, meet the needs of academic staff and/or students and demonstrate best practices in technology-assisted learning


I joined Cardiff University in 2017 as a Student Assessments and Case Officer in the School of Healthcare Sciences. In this role, I learned a great deal about academic practice and pedagogy and about student needs and the overall student experience as well. During my time at HCARE, I worked on higher education software such as Learning Central, SIMS and Business Objects as well as using Microsoft Office packages to create resources. This role gave me great insight into digital education at University and allowed me to develop key learning technology skills.

In December 2018, I started working as a project officer for the Data Innovation Accelerator (DIA) at Cardiff University's School of Computer Science and Informatics. The project was an initiative led by the European Finance Office for Wales (WEFO) with the aim of providing data science support to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the East Wales region. I had the opportunity there to develop coding skills as well as continue to work with academics to explore teaching needs.

My experience, qualifications and interest in digital education and resource creation have enabled me to secure my current role as a Learning Technologist.