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Ms Ann McManus

Curriculum Design Officer


Role responsibilities

As Curriculum Planning Officer I am responsible for supporting academic staff with curriculum planning and development, as well as working on a number of academic projects. This means collaborating with our academic partners to improve the student learning experience and create resources and systems that support academic staff in their role.

Key work/specialties

  • Contribute to module and programme design which involves collaborating with academic colleagues to ensure that programmes of study are relevant and innovative and meet quality assurance standards.
  • Business Lead for Personal Support – this project includes improving the University's Personal Tutoring Scheme, exploring a Learning Analytics project, as well as peer support.
  • Academy Lead for Reflective Sharing – this piece of work involves reviewing current practice and creating new systems and resources to support academic staff to participate fully in reflective sharing at school and institution level.
  • Work on additional academic projects as they arise.


Over the past 30 years I have worked in a variety of roles in education; teaching, personal tutoring, and running a student scheme mentoring Cardiff University for 10 years (the largest voluntary mentoring student scheme in Wales!). I also established and managed the University's Academic Study Skills Service. In 2015, I jointly received the Outstanding Student Experience Enhancement award, and in 2021 I won the award for Outstanding Contribution to the University.

Ready for a new challenge, I joined the Academy in November 2021 as part of the Curriculum Planning team. My role is to support staff, and ultimately the student learning experience, through effective curriculum and academic project design. As a team, we are all currently working to deliver the Way Forward Education and Student Sub-Strategies. As well as working on curriculum design, I am involved in a project to improve the University's peer review plan for staff. I am also a Business Lead for the University's pilot scheme on Personal Support which aims to improve the student learning experience by developing and supporting our Personal Tutoring, Learning Analytics and Peer Support Service.