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Dr Rukshan Navaratne

Reader in Power & Propulsion

School of Engineering


Rukshan obtained his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at Cranfield University and currently working as a Reader in Power & Propulsion, and Leading the Aerospace Propulsion Research at Cardiff University. Before joining academia, he has spent much of his career working as an Engineer, Project Manager and Senior Executive in aerospace industry. His current research focuses on the development of novel propulsion systems for transport applications. Rukshan use variety of numerical and experimental tools and techniques to develop propulsion technologies from initial conception through increasing levels of technology readiness with a constant view towards commercialization and real-world use. Also, he is a consultant to several local and international organisations. Rukshan is a Chartered Engineer and Member of IMechE (UK), ASME, and AIAA.








Title People Sponsor Role Value Duration
HyFIVE Cryogenic hydrogen fuel system for aviation  Navaratne, R., Pullin, R.,  Arospace Technology Institute Principal Invesitigator £40M

17/04/2024 31/12/2027

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training NetZero Aviation Navaratne, R., Fetherston, C.,  EPSRC Co-Invesitigator £13.2M

10/04/2024 31/12/2032

Optimisated hydrogen fuel cell to battery coupling using WBG PE Navaratne, R., Ming, W., CSA Catapult Co-Invesitigator £150K

01/04/2024 31/03/2025

Identification of specifications for supersonic engine deck  Navaratne, R ENVISA  Principal  Investigator £5K

01/04/2023 31/05/2024

Testing of a Wenkel engine for hydrogen/ammonia compatibility Navaratne, R Duodrive Limited  Principal  Investigator £36K

01/09/2023 30/04/2024

Testing of injector materials for ammonia and hydrogen compatibility Navaratne, R Clean Air Power  Principal  Investigator £36K

30/01/2023 14/04/2023

Compound Semiconductors for Hydrogen Generation and Integration - CS4Hydrogen  Navaratne, R., Ming, W, Bo, H Welsh Govenment  Co-Investigator £444K

28/11/2022 31/03/2023

Building capacity for collaboration equipment - SAFTestbed Navaratne, R Welsh Govenment  Principal Investigator £385K 22/11/2022 31/03/2023
Simulation and analysis of emissions for Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection - ICAO Navaratne, R ENVISA (EASA) Principal Investigator £15K

15/09/2022 14/01/2023

High power density magnetless motor for propulsion - MTorX  Navaratne, R., Ming, W Ford Motor Corporation, Welsh Govenment Principal Investigator £127K

01/03/2022 31/01/2024

Design and development of advanced electric motor for propulsion (iCORE) Navaratne, R., Ming, W., Ryan, M.  European Regional Development Fund  Principal Investigator £480K

01/07/2021 23/12/2022

Design and development of hybrid electric propulsion system for regional aircraft (DragonFLY) Navaratne, R., Wu, J., Ming, W,  European Regional Development Fund  Principal Investigator £1.0M

01/07/2021 30/11/2022

Investigation of magnetic properties of thin laminations in electric machines Navaratne, R European Regional Development Fund Principal Investigator £42K

01/07/2021 15/09/2023