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Katherine Parsons

Dr Katherine Parsons

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Cardiff Business School


I am currently employed as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate within the Management, Employment and Organization section at Cardiff Business School. I have a passion for understanding more about our identities – who are, and specifically, who we are when we are at work and love to see the practical application of my research into practice within the organisations I work with.

My thesis sought to understand the conflicts and tensions experienced by founders as they collectively and relationally construct their sense of who they are (their entrepreneurial identity) and what they do (the entrepreneurial opportunity they are to pursue) during the very earliest stages of new venture creation. My work shines a light on an emerging empirical phenomena - the socially purposeful for-profit start-up which challenges the dicohotomous picture of commercial versus social enterprise presented in the literature, offering support for a continuum perspective of hybridity.

More broadly my research interests include social purpose/ purposeful business; social innovation; digital futures of work and identity at work. I am a qualitative researcher who particularly enjoys experimenting with novel approaches towards analysis and organisational ethnography.

Prior to joining academia, I worked operationally within leadership and management development in both the public and private sector.

Modules I am currently or have recently taught on include Leadership and Personal Development on the MSc Strategy and Entrepreneurship; Leadership, Work and Organization on the MSC HRM; Critical Perspectives for Contemporary Managers, Managing People and Organizational Analysis and Change on the BSc Business Management.




MSc in Social Science Research Methods.

MSc in Entrepreneurial Practice.

Cipd Professional Development Scheme







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My research interests are entrepreneurship, social purpose, social innovation, digital futures of work, identity and organisational ethnography.


  • Small business organisation and management
  • Strategy, management and organisational behaviour
  • Social Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship