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Justin Savage

Dr Justin Savage


School of Psychology

+44 29208 75225
Tower Building, 70 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT


I am a lecturer in the School of Psychology at Cardiff University on a full time Teaching and Scholarship contract since September 2019, although I have been employed at the University since 1994 in various teaching support and research roles.

I am currently the module coordinator for the level 4 research and statistics module on which I lecture on the computing and statistics component. I teach practical classes at level 5 (Year 2) and I am a personal tutor to students at all years (1,2, placement and final) and an academic tutor at year 2. I supervise Final Year project students.

I am the school’s Digital Strategy Lead and have previously held the post of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Chair for the University.

I am also the Director of International for the School, with a remit for looking after incoming and outgoing international exchange students as their personal tutor, and liaising with our international partners.

I also support students on the Clinical Doctorate one day per week with their Small Service Review Project (SSRP) and Large Scale Research Project (LSRP). I have also supervised project and placement students on the MSc Social Science Research Methods (Psychology).

In addition to my dedicated teaching hours. I also provide training and assistance with programming and data collection software for all students and staff across the school.

In addition to my post at Cardiff I also provide lectures to the Introduction to Basic Psychology module for Beijing Normal University. This collaboration is part of the University’s wider engagement with overseas institutions, and I set and assess a video presentation coursework component for this module.

Additional information

  • I currently manage and play for the Psychology 11-a-side Men's  intramural football team (Psycho Athletico).
  • I also manage and play for the University's Staff Varsity 11-a-side  football team.

Background summary

My previous roles  within the School and industry have revolved around psychological research or  research in new technology. I completed a four year applied psychology degree at  Cardiff University (1 year placement in Mass, USA – investigating risk taking  in Driving Behaviour) and then worked as researcher jointly between the Psychology and Engineering Schools investigating the design process and then worked for  the School of Psychology  on various research projects between 1994-2009 including:

Between 2001-2002 I  spent a brief period working outside the University for the Council in Museums  in Wales as a project manager for a European framework 5 project "Memoria,  Helping Memory Institutions meet the Future". This role involved managing the Welsh Museum Consortium's participation in the project and investigating the use of new technologies within the    museum sector.

I continued to work as a researcher until 2009 when I was invited to work  directly for the School  to assist with its professional service's electronic processes. This role  quickly developed to incorporate research and teaching and learning issues.

I completed my PhD  from Cardiff Uni in 2003 "A Practical Approach to the Investigation of Object  Design Behaviour: Methodological and Theoretical Considerations". Supervised by  Dr Chris Miles.














Book sections



Higher  Education

Ph.D,  Psychology (2001) - 'A Practical Approach to the  Investigation of Object Design Behaviour: Methodological and Theoretical  Considerations'.
School of Psychology, Cardiff University

Higher Education Module (2003) - Network Security.
Centre for Lifelong Learning, Cardiff University

Higher Education Modules (1998) C and C++ programming.
Centre for Lifelong Learning, Cardiff University

Psychology  B.Sc. (1990  – 1994) - Applied Psychology B.Sc.
School of Psychology, Cardiff University

B.Sc. Final year modules included:

  • Population Psychology
  • Sociobiology
  • Adult development and aging
  • Psychology and Law
  • Clinical and counselling psychology
  • Cognitive neuropsychology of memory and attention

Training  Courses

AdvanceHE Fellowship. Awarded January 2023

Practical Leadership For University Management  (PLUM). Awarded  Oct 2016.
Accredited  by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) it is aimed at academic and administrative staff with significant responsibility for leading people, managing resources, budgets and projects,  and  is spread over a 6 month period.

Leading and Managing Teams - 26th September 2012 - 25th October 2012
This  6-day workshop arranged over a 6-week period has been accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (the  ILM). It is aimed specifically at  first line managers and team leaders, working in Academic roles or the  Professional Services, who manage others formally or informally.

Attended the following  short workshops:

  • The  Way Forward - Making It Happen 2 day workshop. - 4th-5th March 2015
  • Progressing  Skills of Line Managers - 27th January 2015
  • Equality  and Diversity for Team Leaders and Managers - 22nd April 2013
  • Equality  and Diversity (Online Module) 6th February 2013

Work  Experience

School Projects Manager  / Research Associate 2009 (October) –  Present

Investigating  IT related processes within the School of Psychology to enable paperless and efficient methodologies in the provision of administrative and teaching duties. This post requires the identification of existing technologies and  the  development of bespoke software to enable best practice.   The technical elements  are wide ranging and include designing and developing software, programming, defining data management processes,  database development and implementing new  technologies for eliciting feedback. The research elements involve identifying  and recording existing processes, designing and implementing newer and leaner  processes. In conjunction with the IT Projects Manager role I also continue to  collaborate on various research projects.

Research Associate, 2009 (May) – 2009  (October)
Investigating  the impact of parental lifestyle on infant well being - funded by the Waterloo  Foundation.
School of Psychology, Cardiff  University, Tower Building, Park Place Cardiff,  CF10 3AT

This  post required detailed analysis of a set of longitudinal data collected by the Cardiff Child Development Studies (CCDS) group at Cardiff  University. This data  contained detailed information about lifestyle, health and wellbeing  information from over 300 sets of parents and their first born children. My  role was to prepare and analyse the data in order to produce a final report for  the Waterloo foundation examining the links between parental health and lifestyle and  their children's behaviour, with reference to antisocial  tendencies.

Research Associate, 2006 (March) – 2009  (February)
Assessment  of Cognitive Models that Inform Deterring Young Vulnerable Gamblers
ESRC  Grant: RES-164-25-0017
School of Psychology, Cardiff  University, Tower Building, Park Place Cardiff,  CF10 3AT

This project examined decision making and gambling behaviour in a community-based sample of juveniles who exhibited  problem behaviours such as aggression, offending and  substance misuse. The  study focused on the relationship between individual differences in behavioural  inhibition (e.g., risk taking, decision making, sensitivity to reward and punishment, capacity for self-regulation) and problem gambling, as known from  official records and  as assessed under experimental conditions. The empirical  research was informed by analysis of national surveys that hold information on  youngsters' gambling, leisure activities and disorderly behaviour, as well as  socio-economic and demographic circumstances. My role in this project was to contribute to  the research through the development and implementation of the  experimental processes, data analysis and dissemination of results via academic  publication and conferences. In addition to my research role I assisted  psychology and medical students in undergraduate and postgraduate psychology  related projects and programmed, ran and analysed studies performed using the  CUBRIC fMRI scanner.

Research Associate, Human Category  Learning 2004 (June) – 2006 (March)
School of Psychology, Cardiff  University, Tower Building, Park Place Cardiff,  CF10 3AT

In collaboration with Dr Mark Johansen, the purpose  of my appointment was to collaborate in the investigation of human category  learning. My contribution to the research involved academic input, experiment  development and implementation, data analysis and seminars. In addition to my  research role I assisted the school in technical tasks such as the setting up of the online participant sign-up  scheme and the investigation of real-time  interactive teaching and research feedback mechanisms (voting systems).

Senior  Researcher/ Project Manager to 'Memoria' Project. 2002 (Jan) – 2004 (May)
The Council of Museums in Wales The Courtyard, Letty Street, Cardiff, CF24 4EL

The Memoria project was an EU funded consortium  of 8 European institutions which aimed to enhance the profile of regional  networks of small museums (in Wales  and Tuscany).  The project aimed to improve the socio-economic role of such institutions  within the local economy by empowering existing collection-management tools  with advanced interactive multimedia solutions from the media and publishing  sectors; enabling a new generation of museum networks based on advanced ICT  services. My role was to manage the project at the test-bed level within Wales coordinating the participation of eight  museums within Newport  and Monmouthshire. The post involved managing the project and staff on a daily  basis, reporting and analysing statistical information, liaising with the individual museums involved, managing and advising budgetary implications, facilitating communication between the technology providers and the  technology  recipients, producing detailed reports to EU standards, disseminating  information,   giving seminars and coordinating and participating in consortium  meetings.

Research  Assistant to Virtual Humans Project. 2000 (Mar) - 2001 (Aug)
School of Psychology, Cardiff  University, Tower Building, Park Place Cardiff,  CF10 3AT

Running experiments using Virtual Reality (VR)  Equipment on a Unix operating system, programming data analysis software in  C++, data analysis via software packages such as SPSS and Statview, report  writing, presenting data, scheduling participants and developing and maintaining a web booking system using HTML and  CGI.

Research  Assistant to Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) Project. 1998 (Aug) - 2000 (Mar).
Funded by the Defence Evaluation and Research  Agency (DERA).
School of Psychology, Cardiff University, Tower Building, Park Place Cardiff, CF10 3AT and DERA, Ively Road,Farnborough,    Hants GU14 0LX.

Similar job description to Virtual Humans  Project. Additional responsibilities involved assisting postgraduates and  undergraduates in the VR lab with the equipment. Produced interim reports  regarding research findings and progress culminating in a detailed final  project report.

Research  Assistant to 'Cognition in Design' project. 1994 (Nov) - 1996 (March)
School of Psychology, Cardiff University, Tower Building, Park  Place Cardiff, CF10 3AT and School of Engineering Cardiff University  Queen's Buildings, The Parade CARDIFF CF24 3AA

Designing and running experiments, programming  data analysis software in BASIC, data analysis, report writing, presenting data  at conferences and research meetings.

Research  Assistant Automotive Safety and Driving Behaviour. 1992  (Jul) - 1993 (Sep)
Liberty Mutual Research  Center, Hopkinton, Mass,  USA

Running experiments, programming data analysis software in BASIC, SAS and MEL, data analysis  and report writing.