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Daniel Wincott

Professor Daniel Wincott

Blackwell Professor of Law and Society

School of Law and Politics

Available for postgraduate supervision


I hold the Blackwell Law and Society Chair in Cardiff University’s School of Law and Politics. I'm based in its Wales Governance Centre.   I have directed the Economic and Social Research Council’s Governance after Brexit Research Programme since 2018 and am Research Director of its King’s College London based UK in a Changing Europe initiative. These roles have encompassed co-ordination of over 40 individual ESRC research projects. 

A political scientist/policy analyst by background, my research interests are wide-ranging and interdisciplinary (across politics, law, socio-legal studies, social and public policy). They embrace UK and comparative territorial politics, constitutional law and politics, public attitudes and national identity politics, social policy and the welfare state as well as political and socio-legal theory and methods. I collaborate on several large-scale research projects, including Welsh Election Study, Between two Unions and WISERD (all ESRC funded) and the Future of England/State of the Union Surveys

A Fellow of Edinburgh University’s Centre on Constitutional Change, I have held an Honorary Professorial Fellowship in its School of Social and Political Sciences. I am a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales and Academy of the Social Sciences.

As Head of Cardiff Law School from 2013, leading its merger with Politics and International Relations during 2013/14.  I then designed and implemented a transformative expansion of International Relations at Cardiff – appointing 18 new members of staff at all levels during 2015. My period as Head ended in 2016.

I have been a member of the ESRC's Strategic Advisory Network and, earlier, its Research Committee.  I also served on the Wales ESRC Doctoral Training Centre management goup. Currently a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Law and Society and the Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, I was previously Editor of the Journal of Common Market Studies.







  • Wincott, D. 2018. Brexit and the state of the United Kingdom. In: Diamond, P., Nedergaard, P. and Rosamond, B. eds. The Routledge Handbook of the Politics of Brexit. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 15-26.











Book sections




My research interests are wide-ranging and interdisciplinary, encompassing both leadership and extensive collaboration.  I direct the ESRC's Governance after Brexit programme and serve as Research Director of its UK in a Changing Europe programme. My other ESRC funded collaborative research includes the Welsh Election Study, Between two Unions large project and WISERD Research Centre - and I collaborate on the Future of England/State of the Union Surveys.

Since 2016 I have edited special editions/symposia of The Political Quarterly, the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, the Journal of Common Market Studies and Regional Studies

Over the past five years, my Brexit-focused publications have developed novel analyses of the UK's 'Anglo-British' territorial constitution and the role of Relative Territorial Identity explaining the national (English, Scottish, Welsh) politics of Brexit vote-choice , begging basic questions about conventional models of British politics and constitutional law. Publications on social policy raise similar questions about standard narratives about territoriality and the history of the welfare state.

Over the longer term, my research has often engaged theoretical and methodological questions as well as empirical analysis. They have ranged over:

  • devolution and territorial governance
  • public attitudes and public opinion
  • constitutional law and politics
  • comparative welfare state theory and analysis
  • European integration, especially social policy and law.

My recent books touch on several of these themes:

  • The Political Economy of European Welfare Capitalism (Palgrave 2012, co-author with Colin Hay)
  • Citizenship after the Nation State (Palgrave 2013, co-editor with Ailsa Henderson and Charlie Jeffery)
  • Exploring the 'legal' in socio-legal studies (Palgrave 2015, co-editor with David Cowan).


I moved to Cardiff from a Chair in European and Comparative Politics at the University of Birmingham and earlier held positions in Law and Politics at the Universities of Leicester and Warwick. I completed my PhD on ‘The policy configurations of ‘welfare states’ and women’s role in the workforce in advanced industrial societies’ at the London School of Economics and Political Science.