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Sandra Eyakware

Ms Sandra Eyakware

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I am a part-time PhD candidate in JOMEC. I have over 10 years experience of working with students in the post-compulsory education sector, supporting their academic and pastoral needs.

My research explores Black women audiences’, in Britain, views and responses to narratives of Black womanhood in content they engage with on subscription TV streaming services.


Thesis title: How Black women in Britain view and respond to narratives of Black womanhood through their engagement with content on subscription television streaming services.

My research aims to address under-explored aspects of the media consumption experiences of Black women in Britain, which few studies have done (Sobande, 2020). My research examines what content is available for Black women on subscription TV streaming services; how these women are engaging with this content; their views about and responses to the depictions of Black womanhood, as well as how such content may influence their identities, and lives. My research is vital because Black women often acknowledge that their experiences have not been sufficiently addressed by the media, and they understand how media depictions of Black womanhood continue to oppress them (Bobo 1998). 

Research interests

  • Black media audiences
  • TV streaming services
  • Media, culture, and popular culture
  • Creative and cultural industries
  • Media representations


Francesca Sobande

Francesca Sobande

Senior Lecturer in Digital Media Studies

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