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Kate Button

Dr Kate Button

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My research interests are musculoskeletal conditions and rehabilitation. I have experience in movement analysis research within the Research Centre for Clinical Kinaesiology and the Clinical setting. I have been awarded a 3 year NISCHR clinical fellowship that aims to develop a new physiotherapy intervention that will empower patients to self-manage their knee condition in the primary care setting. This will be achieved by evaluating the evidence for self-care interventions that already exist, obtaining a better understanding of what physiotherapy patients currently receive and which interventions are most beneficial and finding out from patients what their requirements are to help them manage their knee conditions. In addition, collaboration with the School of Computer science and Health Informatics, Cardiff University has resulted in the development of iKnee, a web based health informatics application that will form the basis for the self-care rehabilitation intervention.

I am a member of a team of researchers within the School of Healthcare Studies and Arthritis Research UK Biomechanics and Bioengineering Centre, Cardiff University. Projects that I am involved in are:

  • An evaluation of biomechanical strategies used by individuals with Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries during functional tasks and implications for treatment.
  • An evaluation of predictors of Osteoarthritis and development of preventative rehabilitation interventions.
  • Optimising functional movement in knee injured patients using real-time virtual reality feedback to develop novel exercise interventions.

Finally in collaboration with the School of Computer Science and Health Informatics we are developing an ontology for knee conditions and rehabilitation.























Funding received:

NISCHR Clinical Fellowship. 'A self-care rehabilitation model for the management of knee conditions within primary care: progression to a testable intervention.' March 2012 - February 2015.    £80,515

Arthritis Research UK Biomechanics and Bioengineering Centre, Cardiff University. Small project award. 'Development of iknee: A web-based health informatics application for a self-care rehabilitation intervention.' January 2012.  £1,800

The Research Capacity Building Collaboration (rcbc) Wales. 2 year post doctoral research funding. 'Develop a rehabilitation model for knee injured patients.' July 2009-July 2011  £87,000

Research Groups:

I am a member of the Research Committee and Project Sub-Committee for the Arthritis Research UK Biomechanics and Bioengineering Centre of Excellence, Cardiff University.


Professional Doctorate in Advanced Healthcare Practice

I teach on two modules:

  1. Research Leadership: Governance, Politics and Ethics.
  2. Quantitative Research Methods and Statistics in Healthcare (joint module lead).

MSc Physiotherapy and MSc Advanced Practice

In 2015 I will be teaching on the following modules:

  1. Clinical Kinaesiology and Tissue Pathology (HCT226)
  2. Musculoskeletal Diagnosis and Treatment (HCT 139)
  3. Foundation in Advanced Clinical Assessment for Healthcare Professionals (HCT181)
  4. Research Methods (HCT118)

I supervise students on the dissertations module (HCT117). Recent topics I have supervised include:

1. Cross-sectional study to evaluate self-care and its relationship to physical activity in patients with knee conditions.

2.  An experimental study to evaluate differences in knee biomechanics during lunge exercise and lunge exercise whilst dual tasking.

BSc Physiotherapy

I teach research methods and clinical biomechanics.


PhD, Early detection and rehabilitation of functional recovery for acutely injured anterior cruciate ligament deficient individuals using clinical and biomechanical outcomes. Cardiff University, August 2008
MSc Physiotherapy, Cardiff University, January 2001
BSc Hons Physiotherapy, Brighton University, July 1994

Current Role:

I work in a dual role as a Clinical Research Fellow, Cardiff University and Clinical Specialist physiotherapist, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. An important part of this post is to develop and integrate research into practice and implement research findings.

Previous research:

The aim of my post doctoral research fellowship was to $acirc;  develop a rehabilitation model for knee injured patients.$acirc;
There were 2 phases to this research:

  1. The development of a documentation tool for defining and quantifying the content of rehabilitation.
  2. The development of a mixed effects predictive model to identify who will respond well to rehabilitation and level of recovery.

The aim of my PhD was to evaluate functional recovery following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture from acute injury over the course of rehabilitation.   Insights from this analysis were then used to integrate movement feedback into rehabilitation to investigate if this resulted in improved functional outcome and participation level following this injury.   This study demonstrated that the clinically based video analysis system provided detailed insight at all stages of rehabilitation on the speed, timing and completeness of recovery for functional tasks that are directly relevant to the rehabilitation goals.

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Intervention development

Digital interventions

Musculoskeletal conditions


Multi-morbidity and older adults

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