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Vanja Strand

Miss Vanja Strand

Research student

Cardiff Business School


Vanja Strand is a doctoral candidate in the Business School at Cardiff University. Her doctoral research explores how supply chains are tackling the issue of modern slavery at the national and international levels, with a focus on collaborative efforts between businesses and third parties (non-governmental organisations). Vanja also holds a BSc in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen and a LLB in Law and a MSc in Global Governance from the University of South Wales. She has worked as a teaching assistant for the master module supply chain social sustainability at Cardiff Business School.

She is dedicated to the anti-slavery agenda. Her master thesis focused on modern slavery and public perceptions of victims of slavery, she had a student placement with survivors of modern slavery, attended numerous events driven by the anti-slavery agenda, had a work placement with an ethical consultancy business and worked as a research assistant on two seperate projects on the issue. In one project the aim was to understand the impact of Covid-19 on ethical employment standards in supply chains.  It was a collaboration project between academia and industry, funded by ESRC. The findings addressed threats and opportunities and were based on literature and conversations with industry. The second project was a research collaboration between the Welsh Government and the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham. The purpose of the research collaboration was to inform Welsh policy and operational responses to modern slavery and to support Welsh academic research concerning modern slavery, providing a foundation for future research.









How supply chains are tackling the issue of modern slavery at the national and international levels


Maryam Lotfi

Maryam Lotfi

Lecturer in Supply Chain Management

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