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Waraf Al-Yaseen

Dr Waraf Al-Yaseen

Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry

School of Dentistry


My research revolves around enhancing dental care, with a specific emphasis on improving children's oral health. I'm dedicated to achieving this by employing the latest research findings to provide minimally invasive dental treatments.

I'm also committed to leveraging technology to deliver education and promote oral health, making it more accessible to the public. For example, I've been involved in developing a prototype aimed at delivering oral hygiene information to children and their families. I'm also actively exploring the integration of artificial intelligence in dental care, aiming to revolutionize our approach to dental health. I am passionate about delving into the human side of dentistry, understanding the challenges faced by both patients and practitioners and shedding light on their unique experiences. This passion has driven me to have a special interest in employing qualitative research design, allowing for in-depth exploration and understanding of these intricacies.






  • Al-Yaseen, W., Raggio, D., Araujo, M. and Innes, N. “I Just Wanted a Dentist in My Phone:” Designing an Evidence-Based mHealth Prototype to Improve Pre-School Children’s Oral and Dental Health: Co-development of the ACT “App for Children’s Teeth.” Journal of Medical Internet Research Health. In press. study Protocol available at
  •  Al-Yaseen, W., Nanjappa, S., Jindal-Snape, D. and Innes, N. New Dental Graduates Transition into UK Professional Practice; A Longitudinal Study of Changes in Perceptions and Behaviours through the Lens of Evidence-Based Dentistry. BMC Medical Education. In press.

  •  Al-Yaseen, W., Nanjappa, S., Jindal-Snape, D., Innes, N. A Longitudinal Qualitative Multi-Methods Study of New Dental Graduates' Transition Journey from Undergraduate Studies to Professional Practice. Eur J Dent Educ. 2023; 00: 1- 15.


  • Al-Yaseen, W., Jones, R., McGregor, S., C, S., Gallagher, J., Wade, W., Harris, R., Johnson, I. and Innes, N. Aerosol and splatter generation with rotary handpieces used in restorative and orthodontic dentistry: a systematic review. BDJ Open 8, 26 (2022).
  •  Reeve-Brook, L., Bhatia, S., Al-Yaseen, W., Innes, N. and Monaghan, N. 2022. A questionnaire-based study of Paediatric Dentists’ knowledge of teething signs, symptoms and management. BDJ Open 8 ,
  •  Al-yaseen, W., Nanjappa, S., Jindal-Snape, D. and Innes, N. 2022. A longitudinal study of changes in new dental graduates’ engagement with evidence-based practice during their transition to professional practice. British Dental Journal


  • Al-Yaseen, W., Seifo, N., Bhatia, S. and Innes, N. 2021. When less is more: minimally invasive, evidence-based treatments for dentine caries in primary teeth – the Hall Technique and silver diamine fluoride. Primary Dental Journal 10 (4), p. 33-42. 

  • Johnson, I G., Jones, Rhiannon J., Gallagher, J., Wade, W., Al- Yaseen, W., Robertson, M., McGregor, S., C, Sukriti K., Innes, N. and Harris, R. 2021. Dental periodontal procedures: a systematic review of contamination (splatter, droplets and aerosol) about COVID-19. BDJ Open 7, 15.

  • Schwendicke, F., Walsh, T., Lamont, T., Al-yaseen, W., Bjørndal, L., Clarkson, J.E., Fontana, M., Gomez Rossi, J., Göstemeyer, G., Levey, C., Müller, A., Ricketts, D., Robertson, M., Santamaria, R. and Innes, N. 2021. Interventions for treating cavitated or dentine carious lesions (Review). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 7, CD013039.



  • Araujo, M., Al-Yaseen, W. and Innes, N. 2020. A road map for designing and reporting clinical trials in paediatric dentistry. International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry 31 (S1), pp. 14-22.

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  • Seifo, N., Al-Yaseen, W., & Innes, N. (2018). The efficacy of silver diamine fluoride in arresting caries in children. Evidence-based dentistry, 19(2), 42–43.


Current research activities (Registered protocols):

  • Al-Yaseen, W., Raggio, D., Bhatia, S. and Innes, N. Parents/caregivers and their children’s experience of dental general anaesthesia (2023, March). Retrieved from

  • Raggio, D., Innes, N., Al-Yaseen, W. and Turton, B. A Cross-Sectional Survey to Test Facebook as a Platform to Gather Information on Users’ Access to Oral Healthcare. (2023, February 20)

 Other research activities that were disseminated as comics:

  • Jindal-Snape D, Gordon L, Innes N, Corlett J, Morris J, Nanjappa S, Tooman T, Al-Yaseen W, Ding C, Corrales M, Lewen JT. 2022. The COVID Roller Coaster Multiple and Multidimensional Transitions of Healthcare Graduates due to COVID-19. DOI: 10.15132/10000185

  • Jindal-Snape D., Murray C., Innes N., Tooman T., Al-Yaseen W., Herd, D., Ding, C., Corrales M., Lewen JT. 2022. The COVID Rollercoaster. DOI: 10.20933/100001247



Academic Training:   


Dental School, University of Dundee, UK


Diploma (Medical Education)

Dental School, University of Dundee, UK


Master (Dental Public Health)

Dental School, University of Dundee, UK


MSc. (Paediatric Dentistry)           

Baghdad Dental School, Baghdad, Iraq



Baghdad Dental School, Baghdad, Iraq



Academic Appointments:


Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry 

Cardiff Dental School, Cardiff, UK

11/2020 to Present

Clinical Lecturer         

Dundee Dental School, Dundee, UK

03/2020 to 11/2020

Clinical Supervisor

Peninsula Dental School, UK

09/2018 to 3/2020

Dentist/Assistant Lecturer

Baghdad Dental College, Iraq

07/2012 to 09/2015

Clinical Dental Supervisor

Al-Yarmouk University, Iraq

09/2014 to 09/2015


Research themes